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Creative Manitoba recently rolled out a FREE tool to help you promote your venue. SpaceFinder Manitoba is an online directory of venues and creative spaces in the community available to rent. It’s a matchmaking tool for renters looking for creative space and spaces looking to promote their rentals. SpaceFinder Manitoba is now accepting creative space listings!

SpaceFinder is a proven technology created and developed by Fractured Atlas, a U.S. non-profit arts service organization. This online marketplace links organizations that have space to rent with those who need space. Our goal is to help organizations (community, volunteer, non-profit, etc.) and venues efficiently find suitable users for their under-used space through this online tool. Listing your space gives it exposure to new audiences and more revenue potential. SpaceFinder Manitoba is free to list and free to search.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your listing, please email:

SpaceFinder Manitoba is funded by The Government of Canada and brought to you by Fractured Atlas, Arts Build Ontario, and Creative Manitoba.

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