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Did you know that Creative Manitoba gathers all the stories making headlines in our arts and culture sector? We’ve created a blog to focus on our favourite articles. 

Jarvis Warehouse Fire

The Winnipeg arts community is devastated by a catastrophic fire that destroyed a warehouse containing numerous studios and decades of work including art, equipment, tools, and supplies. GoFund Me pages have been created to offer financial support for the artists affected.

To donate to the visual artists GoFundMe click HERE

To donate to the muscial artists GoFundMe click HERE

Paint the Peg

Painting the town red, blue, green and everything in between! The first ever Paint the Peg urban art initiative hosted 13 artists across North America to beautify alleys and side streets in the exchange.

Marching to the beat of her own drum

“It’s not the instrument and you, you actually become the instrument.” – Barbara Sabanski

Barbara Sabanski had crossed off every item on her bucket list but one. Drumming along to George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” the 74-year old amateur timpanist was able to complete her list and achieved a life-long dream by taking the stage with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Winnipeg Soca Regge Festival

Celebrating Soca Regge, Calypso, and revelry the 14th annual Winnipeg Soca Regge Festival kept the party in full swing all night long featuring a mix of local artists and international favourites.

Winnipeg Folk Fest

“It’s been an absolutely amazing weekend, can’t have any complaints at all,” –  Lynne Skromeda, executive director

Through sunshine and thunderstorms, the Winnipeg Folk Festival had a record-breaking attendance of 76,000 people over four days. The mix-bag of over 70 artists hailed from diverse locations including the Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia, and Iceland but also featured a variety of local talent.

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Curtains are up on the 2019 Fringe Festival. Locals and visitors from around the world enjoyed the variety of strange, delightful, engaging and hilarious performances. The Winnipeg Free Press kept up by reviewing 176 of the 178 shows, perhaps we’ll get luck and some of our favs will return for 2020.

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