Call for ideas: up to $100 000 in funding available

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deadline: June 19, 2019

The Manitoba Foundation for the Arts will fund up to $100,000 for big ideas to help transform the arts sector for the benefit of all organizations, and all Manitobans.

Deadline: June 19, 2019

The arts are integral to our quality of life and to Manitoba’s economy. With this in mind, the Foundation wants to help ensure the arts are maximizing their impact and engaging as many Manitobans as possible.

Everything is changing around us – technology, audiences, entertainment options, methods of reaching the community…everything. We believe there are great ideas out there to transform the sector and take advantage of new opportunities, and we’d like to help by providing seed money to test these ideas and pilot transformative projects.

We have $100,000 available to try something bold. Maybe that’s one idea. Maybe it’s five. We don’t have preconceived notions of what your ideas should be, what issue they tackle or how much you need to make them work.

Send us your idea!

More details can be found atCall for Big Arts Ideas and

Manitoba Foundation for the Arts

Manitoba Foundation for the Arts is a small foundation dedicated to big ideas and transformative initiatives to support arts and culture.

Started as a seed project of the Manitoba Arts Council, the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts is a separate entity, incorporated in 1999.

When the Manitoba Arts Stabilization Program ended in 2013, the remaining funding was transferred to the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts. This funding is being used to further the goals of Arts Stabilization, which were to ensure self sufficiency and sustainability of the arts sector.

Manitoba Foundation for the Arts exists to promote sustainability and vibrancy in the arts sector. Our role is to act as a catalyst in encouraging collaboration and innovation with the goal of elevating the entire sector and ensuring it continues to flourish.

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