DIFIE Inc. – Board of Directors

  • Volunteer
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • April 30, 2020

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DIFIE Inc. is a dynamic organization and needs the support and input of people with your experience and insight.  We are currently seeking three Board Members to join our newly-formed organization.  Individuals who can contribute their professional skills to expand DIFIE Inc.’s services. Being a member of DIFIE Inc. Governing Board Member provides anyone with a unique opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the success of the school
  • Make a positive impact on public performance arts education
  • Serve your community while gaining practical experience
  • Expand your network and meet people with similar interests

Board Roles will be adapted around each individuals strengths, and additional applicable skill-sets. We are currently seeking individuals to fulfill the following roles, for 1 or 2 year terms:

  1. Chair person: organize and manage Board of Director meetings.
  2. Secretary/ Treasurer: manage general accounting and book-keeping.
  3. Communications Director: manage social media promotions and media relations.
  4. Community Engagement Coordinator: responsible for recruitment of new members, fundraising partners, and partner organisations for the purpose of collaboration.

Board meetings:

  • Held every 3 months
  • Possibility of additional meetings when new business arises such as new pilot projects, special event planning, or tele-conferences with new stakeholders
  • Meetings – one to three hours;   held in person, tele-conference, email transmission, or video chat, depending on the circumstance
  • time commitment will be during evenings and/or weekends, maximum of 5 hours per month

Board members roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend all regularly scheduled meetings unless exigent circumstances exist.
  • Actively participate in non-secretarial, administrative project duties in relation to DIFIE Inc.’s programming.
  • Engage the community by promoting DIFIE services at large.
  • Provide your personal experience and professional skills to promote  DIFIE Inc. while working as a collaborative team.
  •  Increase community engagement by securing private, and provincial stakeholders to reach DIFIE Inc.’s yearly fundraising initiatives goals.
  •  Increase community awareness by promoting DIFIE Inc. services, and inviting the public to join our organization as Members, and/ or to participate in DIFIE Inc.’s workshops, classes, etc.
  • Provide valuable insight as a person who has experienced barriers to accessing inclusive dance and/ or fitness education on a recreational and/ or professional level.
  • Provide awareness as to how DIFIE Inc.’s services can specifically address the needs of your community while being fully inclusive.
  • Develop relationships with nonprofit and charitable organizations at a local and national level

We are asking for a criminal record check, child abuse registry check, and vulnerable persons check.

For further information about DIFIE click HERE.

To apply for this job email your details to difiedance.inc@gmail.com.