Manitoba Showcase 2021

  • Call for submissions
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Applications are now open at for performers of all types: musicians, dance, and theatre groups. This year Manitoba Showcase 2021 will be completely online on October 28th-30th.

15 artists will be selected by jury to pre-record their virtual Showcase to be uploaded to, a marketplace for the Performing Arts and full-featured digital showcasing service that connects artists and arts presenters/buyers. The majority of the showcase video production costs will be covered by MAN. Our presenters/buyers will watch the showcase videos over a 1-2 week period prior to our online conference. The online conference will feature professional development, networking and one on one business meetings (between showcase artists/agents and presenters/buyers).

Our Manitoba presenters/buyers are seeking to bring artists to their communities for the 2022-23 season. The Manitoba Arts Network coordinates a Block Booking program which schedules the showcase artist performances in different communities over consecutive dates.

Conference Overview

Manitoba Arts Network is the only organization that showcases and coordinates tours in rural Manitoba, generating $120,000 – $180,000 in artist fees throughout the year. Showcasing artists can receive future bookings beyond the 2022-23 touring season. The approximate rural Manitoba touring market is valued at $250,000.

Showcase Provisions

The Manitoba Arts Network engages an established member network and growing number of presenters (buyers) who attend Showcase and participate in subsequent booking meetings with the Manitoba Arts Network to confirm artists and form block booked tours that benefit all artists, audience and presenters.

The Manitoba Arts Network’s Performing Arts Coordinator acts as the direct liaison between artists, representatives and presenters – from Showcase to tour show dates.

Artists/representatives must submit touring fees with application, subject to review and negotiation prior to Showcase. An Artist’s Fee Schedule will be distributed to delegates at Manitoba Showcase and available on our online artist directory.

Artists/representatives must agree to work collaboratively with the Manitoba Arts Network and are asked not to negotiate bookings and fees directly with buyers at any time before, during, or after Showcase.

Showcase Criteria

Artists must be tour ready and open for show bookings in Manitoba for the 2022-2023 season.

Performing artists of all disciplines and genres are encouraged to apply. (ie. music, dance, theatre, musical theatre, magic, comedy, etc.)

Deadline to apply is May 15, 2021. Incomplete, late, or unpaid submissions will not be considered. No refunds will be issued.

Successful applicants will be notified in June and will be given a deadline to respond and confirm their participation. Note that there is a 2 year waiting period for Artists that have previously Showcased with MAN. That means you can apply again the third year after last having Showcased with MAN.

Supporting materials with links to audio/video samples must accompany your application. We strongly advise that you provide two samples, representative of the show you wish to tour, one may be produced, and one showing engagement with a live audience. The jury includes Manitoba arts programmers familiar with their audience base, and it is in your very best interest to be selective in what you submit. Please provide start and stop points to indicate your best footage, or create a 5 minute custom video to provide a cross section of your work.

Your showcase application must reflect the performance that you wish to Showcase and tour.

HOW ARE ARTISTS SELECTED TO PERFORM IN SHOWCASE? A jury comprised of community presenters from different regions of Manitoba and industry representatives review all applications, and select 15 applicants to perform at Manitoba Showcase. The jury’s selection is based upon a rating of each application in four categories:

  1. Artistic Merit
  2. Marketability and booking potential
  3. Engagement with Audience
  4. Fee Structure*

We recommend that there is a minimum of four years between showcasing for a performer.

*Your single show fee should be your highest price and then lower incrementally as the number of shows you could be booked for increases. Therefore your 8+ show price should be your lowest show price.

When pricing your show; include travel costs to/from Manitoba in your single show fee. Do not include the cost of accommodations in your show fee as Manitoba presenters will provide one night hotel in addition. Budget for meals, rental car and gas/mileage while on the road. Average performance fees in Manitoba tend to range from $1,000 to $3,500 per show depending on number performers, profile, experience, etc.

While some shows book for higher fees, there are relatively few communities in rural and northern Manitoba able to afford those bookings on a regular basis.

It may be to a performer’s advantage to include options for show type options such as solo, duo, band, school shows and workshops. This may allow more flexibility in terms of providing options for presenters to meet their audience needs.

Terms & Conditions

Selected Showcase acts will be required to sign a showcasing agreement with the Manitoba Arts Network, register for Manitoba Showcase 2021 and remit applicable conference fees ($250).

Performers agree that promotional materials submitted in the Showcase application will be used by the Manitoba Arts Network for promotional purposes which includes but not limited to Manitoba Showcase and any subsequent performances booked in Manitoba.

Artists/Agents agree to allow photo and video to be taken at Manitoba Showcase 2021 and used for promotional purposes including and not limited to our website, social media and print materials.

Tours and performance engagements in Manitoba resulting from this event will be coordinated and booked by the Performing Arts Program Coordinator of Manitoba Arts Network, in collaboration with artists/agents, for the 2022-2023 touring season. Artists/Agents will be required to honour a contract with Manitoba Arts Network in this regard.

Artists agree to inform Manitoba Arts Network of any changes in contact or booking information, representation, or of any situation which renders them unable to fulfil their Showcase or touring engagements.

To apply for this job please visit