Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival ART JAM

  • Call for submissions
  • Winnipeg, MB

Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival 2020

deadline: March 31, 2020

What is the Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival Art Jam (aka Art Jam)?

Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival will see thousands of people out on Osborne Street between River Avenue and Pembina Highway on Wednesday, July 1st and we are committed to showcasing the fun and funky artist vibe of the Village at this unique annual event. The Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival is hosted by the Osborne Village businesses and it celebrates our country’s birthday, the local businesses, the community and the city through music, art, licensed patios, activities, workshops, vendors and more.

In 2019 we launched the Art Jam with a curated live painting show by 5 local graffiti artists. This generated great interest and we are honoured to be able to confirm it’s return for 2020 and to build on it’s success by offering more projects and vendor opportunities for visual artists. Please note that for 2020 we are concentrating on visual art but are open to suggestions for future years.

While we would love to support all local artists, there are space, financial and logistical limitations. Depending on project size, scope and duration we will be accepting between five and ten artists.

Deadline for applications is March 31, 2020.


What are my Art Jam submission options?

1.    Visual art project – no public interaction other than watching you work and perhaps asking questions

2.    Visual art project – stand-alone (pre-installed so no artist on site)

3.    Interactive visual art project – hands-on participation from attendees

4.    Showcasing and selling artwork in a dedicated 10’ x 10’ space

(please note that option 4 may be combined with one of the other options or stand-alone)


Will I be paid for this?

We appreciate artists and value who you are and what you do. There are 5 honourariums available of $400 each. The balance of the accepted submissions will be made up of those volunteering their time and talent for a visual art project and those who wish to participate by setting up a booth and selling their art.


What support will I receive?

This is an outdoor event and will take place rain or shine  (with the exception of extreme weather conditions). You will be assigned a certain area and can have advance access (the duration of access will be project dependent). There is limited power available on site. We will provide tables, chairs and safety/crowd control fencing (if required) but we are not able to provide tent(s) or other shelters. You may bring your own tent/shelter as long as it meets the safety and visual guidelines.

We will market your project and you as an artist on select print and social media materials related to the Art Jam and the overall event including but not limited to the site map, site signage, Art Jam poster, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the Osborne Village BIZ website.


What will not be allowed?

  • No serving of food or alcohol
  • No trimming or cutting down trees
  • Anything involving permanent infrastructure must be applied for and approved prior to installation (i.e. concrete planters)
  • No amplified music
  • Any project that isn’t family-friendly, safe and positive
  • Any projects that will remain in place post-event must have that noted in the application and be approved. Everything else must be removed and fully cleaned up at the close of event.


Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions from individuals and groups are welcome
  • Artist must live in the province of Manitoba
  • Submissions must be family-friendly
  • There is no theme for this year
  • We will work with each selected participant to determine the best location
  • Projects must be self-reliant and not require external support
  • Projects can not represent any danger to the public (no sharp edges and nothing that will fall down/off)
  • Large scale projects agree to provide an engineer-approved design that meets with all building codes
  • Projects must be designed for ease of installation and removal and be aware of the overall impact on the infrastructure, environment etc.
  • Projects must be weather suitable and outdoor conditions
  • Solar lighting is encouraged if you will be on-site with your project after 9pm and/or in cloudy conditions


Timing Information

The street closure takes effect 7pm on Tuesday, June 30th but it is assumed that you will be setting up on Wednesday, July 1st unless otherwise indicated.

Event hours on July 1st are 11am to 10:30pm. You have the option of being there for a shorter duration and/or outline the schedule of when your live demonstration(s) will be so it can be included in the marketing materials.

The street must be fully cleared by 11pm on July 1st. If you are not on the street – i.e. sidewalk, alley, parking lot, Family Zone etc. the timing is more flexible.

Anything staying post-event must be approved.


Application information

It is important to complete all the information so we can assess the application with a clear understanding and knowledge of what you wish to create/do and how it will be set up at the Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival.

All applications will be vetted by a committee made up of artists, businesses and a representative from the Osborne Village BIZ Canada Day Street Festival.

Approved projects will be notified by email on or before April 10, 2020.

Thank you to all who apply, and we look forward to making this bigger and better every year.

To apply for this job please visit forms.gle.