Reel Pride Film Fest 2019

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deadline: July 30, 2019 at 2:00pm

In 2019, Reel Pride Film Festival celebrates its 34th year at the Gas Station Arts Centre. As part of the festival, Reel Pride will be hosting our fabulous 16th Annual Canadian LGBTTQ* Short Film Competition!

Call for Submissions
All eligible submissions will be screened by the Selection Advisory Committee. The ‘Official Selections’ will be made after the screening is completed. Our Short Films Jury will screen the ‘Official Selections’ for their Jury Choice Award prior to our live audience screening of the ‘Official Selections’ for their Audience Choice Award. Both the Jury and Audience Choice Awards will be announced at the end of the 16th Annual Canadian LGBTTQ* Short Films Competition evening on October 16, 2019.


Two Choice Awards

RBC Audience Choice Award – chosen by the audience at the October 16 screening

Jury Choice Award – chosen by the Reel Pride Jury

NEW for 2019 – Winnipeg Film Group Award
for the best Manitoba Short Film in this 2019 competition


Submission Guidelines

  • The submission deadline for films is Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at 2 pm.
  • A completed entry form is to be completed for each film in this CALL submission. An incomplete entry form risks not being accepted. If you have questions before making your CALL submission, please email
  • There is no application fee.
  • All films must be Canadian (and include English subtitles if filmed in another language).
  • The films must have LGBTTQ* content or theme that needs to be mentioned in the one paragraph write-up. If the LGBTTQ* content or theme of the film is not obvious, please provide a reason(s) for making the qualification and possibly making the ‘Official Selection’.
  • The Short is to have a clear lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit or Queer expression and content in theme, story, actor(s) and/or setting. It is to be of interest to the LGBTQ community.
  • The short can be fiction or non-fiction. The genre can be a biography, comedy, documentary, youth, animation, live action, experimental, drama or narrative.
  • Filmmakers will submit a brief, 1-paragraph synopsis of the film.
  • Filmmakers will submit a 1-sentence description of the film that can be used in the program.
  • The short film is to be no longer than 20 minutes, including all credits.
  • The Short Film is to have been completed after January 1, 2016.
  • The Short film is to be submitted for initial screening and consideration preferably using a web link and password for the online location. Alternatively, you may use a secure download, or a DVD screening copy. The DVD will not be returned unless there is a postage-paid return envelope provided for this purpose. The DVD is not for public use. Reel Pride will not pay any fee for the delivery of films.
  • The “Official Selection” films to be screened at the Competition on October 16, 2019, should be 16:4 and in Digi Beta, Beta sp or DVD format.
  • The screening tape is to be clearly labeled with the name of the film, filmmaker’s name, year of completion and running time.
  • All Filmmakers are advised to check this Short Film Competition webpage for updates on this CALL and the Competition.

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