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deadline: April 30, 2020

Post/Production Fund

  • This program will provide grants for up to $2,000
  • up to $2000 in Winnipeg Film Group Services.

The previous deadline has been extended to April 30, 2020
Time: 12 noon

Program Overview
The Winnipeg Film Group’s MFM POST-PRODUCTION FUND is designed to assist Winnipeg Film Group members in the development of their artistic careers by providing support towards the post-production and production of film projects in the form of cash and services awards. This fund is primarily geared to POST-production.  Although applications are welcome, please keep be aware the funds for production are extremely limited.

This award fund is geared to filmmakers who have made at least one independent production (on film, video or digital media) as director or as the primary artist/creator.

To assist members to create film, video or digital media projects
To assist members to use film, video or digital media as a means of artistic expression
To assist members to further develop their careers as filmmakers
To contribute to the overall development of filmmakers in Manitoba


  • A current resident of Manitoba
  • A current member of the Winnipeg Film Group (in good standing)
  • Applicants who have completed at least one independent work as director or artist/creator (on film, video or digital media)
  • The independent work must not be a student project, assignment or activity issued by an teacher or professor from a University, College or other preparatory related school
  • The director/creator of the proposed project must have and will retain full artistic and editorial control
  • An applicant is only eligible to apply to this fund if they do NOT already have an OPEN MFM Post-Production Fund or MFM First Film Fund grant/award. An award/grant is considered CLOSED when a final report to the Winnipeg Film Group has been received, including a DVD or film file and that all documents and materials have approved by the Winnipeg Film Group. The only exception to this rule is those who have received a First Film Fund grant and have completed a rough or fine cut and wish to apply to the Post-Production Fund to finish their film.
  • An applicant is allowed to apply in any given round for One Film Only.
  • If you have applied for a previous round of funding and did not get funding, you are welcome to re-submit an application for this round.


  • The artistic merit of the proposed project
  • The significance of the proposed project on the development of the applicant’s artistic career
  • Whether the applicant can successfully carry out the proposed project

The submission process for the Winnipeg Film Group’s Fund programs has moved to an online system.

To apply for this job please visit