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Did you know that Creative Manitoba gathers all the stories making headlines in our arts and culture sector? They were previously listed on a single webpage. Now, we’ve created a blog to focus on our favourite articles. Here is the first edition of Creative Manitoba’s Monthly Arts and Culture Wrap Up! 

Artist Residencies

Churchill, Glasgow, Hungary, Banff, France, Australia? Artist residencies have become numerous and vast. Learn how to select the right fit for you from local residency pros, Craig Love and Diana Thorneycroft.

artbeat’s Studio central

“It’s been really freeing for me” – Cindy K (participant and volunteer)
Artbeat tackles the difficulties of mental illness by drumming the blues away. From congo drums to bongos, maracas, and even egg shakers, Studio Central’s therapeutic drumming circle proves that keeping the beat can have rejuvenating powers.

royal mtc artistic director kelly thornton

Get to know Royal MTC’s new award-winning artistic director Kelly Thornton through 20 questions. Pet peeves, guilty pleasures, weirdest habits, and our favourite: What’s the one thing you haven’t done that you’d love to do?

mayor’s luncheon for the arts

“I think as a society we need to stop making a business case for the arts and start making an arts case for business.” – Debbie Patterson (playwright, director, actor and disability justice advocate)
The 13th annual Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts and the Winnipeg Arts Council Awards highlighted a year of success while looking to the future.

bloody Saturday

Winnipeg’s latest monument, Bloody Saturday, was suitably christened by fireworks. The streetcar commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and captures the city’s rebellious fervour.

strike! the musical

“It’s a complete cross-pollinization,” – Danny Schur (co-writer with Rick Chafe) Strike! The Musical incorporates elements from the original play and film while diversifying its cast of characters.

jazz fest

Jazz Fest kept the city swinging this month with an impressive roster of talent. Scatting legend Bobby McFerrin closed the festival in style with improvisation, duets with the crowd, singalongs, and soulful covers.

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