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Stay at Home Session – Unity Basics – Collaboration & Version Control

May 5 - May 28


Every week our Stay at Home Session is presenting a live stream from an industry expert as they break down their craft and technique in game development.   The best news, though, is that they are 100% free. An incredible month of game dev lectures to take your skills to the next level.

Participants will learn how to properly set up version control, creating a collaborative environment to develop a game within the Unity 3D game engine. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Version control tools and best practices
  • Basics of the Unity game engine (physics, sprites and animations)
  • Coding the Player to use assets
  • Using layers
  • Game flow logic
  • Basic enemy programming

Setting up proper version control is an essential skill for any developer. Making sure your projects are saved correctly gives you the ability to rollback to previous stable builds. These skills and tools are doubly important for game developers as they allow you to collaborate remotely with others.

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Instructor Bio
Gabriel Lascano, an international Computer Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, got his Unity 3D Certification in 2017 after a few years of intense video game programming in his home country. Shortly after he moved to Canada in 2017, he worked with a local company (Tactica interactive) developing a 3D video game called Kid Diners for TVOKids. Thanks to the community he was able to contact Daniel Blair, CEO of the company he is currently working at (Bit Space Development) where he is the Chief Technology Officer working every day with the latest technology available for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to build immersive experiences and simulators.

Gabriel believes that the best way to give back to the community that first welcomed him is sharing all his knowledge and helping grow its participants though all the events where he can provide guidance, ideas and always collaborate. “I am a huge fan of collaboration, and I believe that the greatest projects will always come from a cohesive team that is united by the same idea.” That is why Gabriel wants to bring this Unity Basics and Collaboration course to the community.