Manitoba Arts and Digital Literacy Project

Creative Manitoba with partners New Media Manitoba and Video Pool Media Arts Centre is launching an ambitious new project to explore and develop relationships and opportunities that can come from collaborations between our Arts and Interactive Digital Media (IDM) communities. Funded by the Canada Council Digital Fund, the Manitoba Arts and Digital Literacy Project will see 10 educational workshops and a Demo Day in the fall, culminating with a 2 day Arts and Digital Tech Conference in early March 2020.

The goals of the project are to build relationships between artists and art organizations and interactive digital media developers.  In cities across Canada and around the world there are exciting new events, products and really cool art being created where Art and IDM meet. We feel that this is not happening in Manitoba to the extent that it could be; and maybe we are missing out. We have deep and rich arts and interactive digital media communities here but for the main tend to stick to their own. We are hoping to disrupt this stasis and encourage more interaction and collaboration.

If we are successful, we envision opportunities for artists to develop new skills and build new creative success stories. We also see tech firms seizing opportunities to generate new development opportunities and source new creative talent. Together we can elevate both Winnipeg’s Arts and IDM communities.

We are asking for interested folks to take a short survey to help us ensure the programs will meet your needs. Please complete a survey to answer a few questions (no more than 5 minutes, we promise).

Survey in English: Click here

Survery in French: Click here

Watch for program plans to be announced later in the summer as the details are finalized.