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About Merging Mindsets
In cities around the world, the creative arts and interactive digital media sectors are bringing their respective skills together to imagine and create exciting new events, art and products – merging digital technologies with artistic practice. In Manitoba, we’re ready to showcase what our vibrant arts community and interactive digital media sector can do together.

Merging Mindsets will expand opportunities for artists to create using digital technologies while broadening connections with interactive digital media (IDM) related companies that want to innovate using creative talent. Join us as we embark on an exciting series of community-building events exploring the digital tech in art and the art in digital tech while connecting the people in between.

3D Printing

Where you can use a 3D Printer




Virtual Reality

Locations to Try VR

Where you can rent VR equipment


Local Meetups

Digital Sound Art

Where you can rent sound equipment

Available equipment includes:

          • Acoustically engineered Multi-channel surround sound suite (5.1)
          • Tracking Studio (2.1)
          • Foley Stage
          • Isolation Booth


  • Video Pool Media Arts Centre-Regularly runs workshops on audio post, field recording, and other sound-related programs:


  • Videopool Media Art Centre:
      • Temporal Contours (Sound Art Series) – an open-call for artists working in  live sound. Regardless of your level of experience, we would love to hear about the projects you are developing: improvisation, electro-acoustic, noise, bodily-performance with sonic components, ambient / drone, acousmatic, jazz, synth, etc, HOWEVER YOU DEFINE IT, we want to hear it.
      • Synthy Sunday – Upcoming event series at Video Pool’s The Output
  • Space)doxa – Monthly performances at Graffiti Art Gallery:
  • Send + Receive:
  • Cluster Festival:
  • Forthwith Festival:

Digital Collaboration

Trello – Project Managment
Slack – Communication
Grammarly – Writing
Wave – Accounting
Spark (Email – Mac Only)
Hyperfocus (Productivity – Mac Only)


Merging Mindsets is an initiative of Creative Manitoba with partners, New Media Manitoba and Video Pool Media Arts Centre; and is funded with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.



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