Stories making headlines in the arts and cultural sector

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CRAFTED donates cozy wares
Canstar Community News-November 20, 2017

Synonym paints the town: Annual mural festival sees massive public projects
Canstar Community News-November 20, 2017

The stage should be a safe place
Winnipeg Free Press-November 18, 2017

A cautious love story: Manitoba Opera tiptoes around cultural sensitivities with its production of Madama Butterfly
Winnipeg Free Press-November 18, 2017

Utter obsession: Young playwright finds inspiration in unconventional way
Winnipeg Free Press-November 16, 2017

78 years of brilliance: Mixed bill celebrates history of RWB
Winnipeg Free Press-November 16, 2017

Footsteps of a legend: Winnipeg contemporary dance artist performing revolutionary work about revolution
Winnipeg Free Press-November 15, 2017

Heritage minister charms chamber: Joly’s pledge of cash for arts and culture offers little for local journalism
Winnipeg Free Press-November 14, 2017

Staging a collaboration: New play tackles topics of family, culture
Canstar Community News-November 13, 2017

Winnipeg couple wins 1st theatre educator award for inspiring students
CBC News Manitoba-November 11, 2017

Bridging the gap: museums bring unique solutions to social struggles
The Hill Times-November 10, 2017

Winnipeg scores top spot for Culture Days activities
Winnipeg Free Press-November 9, 2017

Role models: Director, two artists who helped create Canadian-South African play in 2005 bring it to PTE
Winnipeg Free Press-November 9, 2017

Author on the move: Charleswood local releases novel set in Winnipeg
Canstar Community News-November 7, 2017

Art of survival: Toronto artist’s drawings–a coping mechanism for breast-cancer treatments–become WAG exhibition
Winnipeg Free Press-November 7, 2017

Winnipeg Arts Council pitches public art fixes, Nuit Blanche security
Winnipeg Metro-November 6, 2017

‘Complete success’: Art City programming resumes after more than $50K raised
CBC News Manitoba-November 3, 2017

Winnipeg Arts Council wants more funding for public art
Winnipeg Metro-November 2, 2017

Nunavut artist’s personal journey: Saila at WAG as Inuit Art Centre set to open
Winnipeg Free Press-October 31, 2017

Manitoba production of ‘Madama Butterfly’ sparks discussion around race
CTV News-October 31, 2017

Theatre of the mind: Auditory experience comes to Winnipeg
Winnipeg Metro-October 29, 2017

And the bands played on: From crumbling wall to near-collapsing floor to crippling finances, the West End Cultural Centre has survived three decades and is still going strong
Winnipeg Free Press-October 27, 2017

Darkness & light: War between good and evil at this year’s Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Autumn Festival
Winnipeg Free Press-October 26, 2017

Exhibit explores artist’s return to homeland
Winnipeg Free Press-October 26, 2017

Unmasking a mask-maker: Chris Sigurdson uses his love of centuries-old Italian theatre to help kids develop emotional intelligence
Winnipeg Free Press-October 24, 2017

Go back to the future with Tomorrow’s Child: Audience participates in ‘one-of-a-kind sightless theatre experience’
Winnipeg Free Press-October 24, 2017

Kids benefit from local generosity
Winnipeg Free Press-October 23, 2017

Winnipeg pitches in to bring Art City back to inner city kids
CBC News Manitoba-October 23, 2017

West End Cultural Centre celebrates 30 years of music and community
CBC News Manitoba-October 21, 2017

In praise of controlled chaos
Winnipeg Free Press-October 21, 2017

Art City sees massive community support
Canstar Community News-October 20, 2017

Learning to hear each other: Community plays role onstage, behind the scenes at latest Winnipeg Jewish Theatre production
Winnipeg Free Press-October 19, 2017

New Indigenous writing awards for emerging authors announced
CBC Arts-October 19, 2017

She can relate: RMTC comedy role set in repressive Elizabethan England resonates loudly for Iranian-born actor
Winnipeg Free Press-October 18, 2017

These LGBTQ filmmakers want to make Winnipeg ‘a beacon for CanCon’
Winnipeg Free Press-October 17, 2017

Fringe hit Josephine back for encore
Winnipeg Free Press-October 13, 2017

Gracie tells tale of strength’s triumph over sweetness
Winnipeg Free Press-October 13, 2017

Love fights for its life onstage
Winnipeg Free Press-October 13, 2017

A personal performance: Tender play shares intimate moments
Winnipeg Free Press-October 12, 2017

Staging a homecoming: Winnipeg-born, New York-based actor returns as star of PTE’s award-winning season-opener
Winnipeg Free Press-October 12, 2017

Nuit Blanche security will likely be increased next year, organizers say
CBC News Manitoba-October 12, 2017

Longtime PTE artistic director stepping down
Winnipeg Free Press-October 11, 2017

Artists revitalize the North End
Canstar Community News-October 10, 2017

Spots of colour in Point Douglas: Manitoba Hydro poles turn into artists’ canvas
Canstar Community News-October 10, 2017

‘These are the innovators,’ music festival to sound off in Winnipeg this week
Winnipeg Metro-October 10, 2017

Hearts and crafts: Two not-for-profit groups dedicated to creating, displaying and preserving ‘usable artwork’ join forces in new Exchange space
Winnipeg Free Press-October 7, 2017

Writer-in-residence a mentor to others
Canstar Community News-October 6, 2017

‘More like a punk show than a screening’: At this Winnipeg festival, experimental film reigns
Winnipeg Free Press-October 3, 2017

Awards honour Winnipeg theatre
Winnipeg Free Press-October 3, 2017

Cook’s new novel explores the myth of Winnipeg
Winnipeg Free Press-October 2, 2017

Sure things and bold bets: Risky concepts combine with Broadway hits for city’s 2017-18 theatre season
Winnipeg Free Press-September 30, 2017

RWB puts its own spin on fantasy tale
Winnipeg Free Press-September 28, 2017

Winnipeg’s Nuit Blanche expecting to see over 20,000 people
Global News-September 27, 2017

Garage doors become Arctic canvases thanks to Winnipeg artist’s love of polar bears
Winnipeg Free Press-September 27, 2017

Losing faith: Winnipeg-based filmmaker explores religion—or lack thereof—in new documentary
Winnipeg Metro-September 27, 2017

Damsel to the rescue
Winnipeg Free Press-September 26, 2017

Final touches prepared for Culture Days
Winnipeg Free Press-September 26, 2017

Five things to check out at Nuit Blanche Winnipeg
Winnipeg Metro-September 25, 2017

Growing popularity leads Nuit Blanche to beef up security
CBC News Manitoba-September 25, 2017

Shaking the foundations: Curators’ ground-breaking exhibition puts Indigenous artists in the WAG spotlight
Winnipeg Free Press-September 22, 2017

Winnipeg book club: Three local authors to check out at Thin Air
Winnipeg Metro-September 19, 2017

‘Human library’ lets you discover the true story
Winnipeg Free Press-September 20, 2017

Perlman gives Winnipeg a night of memories
Winnipeg Free Press-September 18, 2017

Youth will be served: Coming-of-age plays figure prominently at 15th annual FemFest
Winnipeg Free Press-September 15, 2017

Dancing on the bed: Winnipeg artist transforms cafe into hotel room
Winnipeg Metro-September 14, 2017

Folk on, Winnipeg: Festival keeps the music playing with five new acts for Hear All Year series
Winnipeg Metro-September 12, 2017

Quirky public bench designs offer more than just a place to sit in Winnipeg
Winnipeg Metro-September 12, 2017

Rainbow Stage parts company with artistic chief
Winnipeg Free Press-September 11, 2017

Exhibit a response to media overload
Canstar Community News-September 11, 2017

Winnipeg Art Gallery gets new curator, upcoming exhibit
Winnipeg Metro-September 10, 2017

Painting the town: In conversation with mural artists Nereo II and John Padua
Winnipeg Free Press-September 9, 2017

Art group shaking things up a bit
Canstar Community News-September 8, 2017

Made in Manitoba: Amid all the celebrities and hoopla, province’s filmmakers seek some of the TIFF spotlight
Winnipeg Free Press-September 8, 2017

Sagkeeng First Nation member named WAG curator of Indigenous and contemporary art
Winnipeg Free Press-September 6, 2017

Have fun and learn at Culture Days
Winnipeg Free Press-September 5, 2017

Paint the town red—and yellow, and blue—Wall-to-Wall mural festival returns
Winnipeg Metro-September 4, 2017

Ontario Boosting Support for Thriving Arts and Culture Sector
Ontario Arts Council-August 29, 2017

The Exchange District Biz announces new Executive Director
The Exchange-August 28, 2017

Finding the words: West End play a reflection on loss, community
Canstar Community News-August 28, 2017

One night stands and returning acts
Canstar Community News-August 28, 2017

‘A material language of hope’
By: Alison Gillmor, Winnipeg Free Press-August 28, 2017

Tweaked Phantom provides satisfying sense of melodrama
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-August 26, 2017

Deaf Music Fans Are Finally Starting To Be Heard
BuzzFeed News-August 26, 2017

Manitoba Opera records shortfall
Winnipeg Free Press-August 25, 2017

Winnipeg art heist turns local artist into super-sleuth
By: Diana Foxall, Metro-August 24, 2017

Art therapy program aims to help Winnipeggers living with Parkinson’s
By: Lucy Scholey, Metro-August 22, 2017

The Forks rides hot summer programming with new Summertide arts festival
By: Jade Markus, Metro-August 21, 2017

Birthday bash: Artspace celebrates 30 years
By: Jade Markus, Metro-August 20, 2017

Lost in creation
Metro-August 19, 2017

Improving Training for the Culture Sector
WorkInCulture-August 18, 2017

Rainbow Trout Music Festival stays small, despite growing demand
By: Nigel Moore, Metro-August 17, 2017

Summer Theatre Program Challenges Negative Stereotypes Surrounding Syrian Refugees
By: Imreet Kaur, The Manitoban-August 16, 2017

Winnipeg sculptor selected to design new greenspace in ‘sky-scraper city’
By: Jade Markus, Metro-August 15, 2017

Local author hoping to make a splash
By: Sheldon Birnie, Canstar Community News-August 11, 2017

Local filmmaker full of drive and energy
By: Louise Hedman, Canstar Community News-August 11, 2017

Mamma Mia! a sure bet for your Money, Money, Money
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-August 11, 2017

Heading West to explore a different direction
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-August 10, 2017

A new view of the landscape
By: Janine LeGal, Canstar Community News-August 8, 2017

Mental health on the big screen of film festival touring through Winnipeg
By: Jade Markus, Metro-August 8, 2017

Two Wheat City artists named to Man. Arts Council
Westman Journal-August 5, 2017

Musical star returns to perform in Winnipeg
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-August 5, 2017

Winnipeg Indigenous women’s art to be displayed on roadside billboards across Canada
By: Braeden Jones, Metro-August 2, 2017

Diversity takes centre stage as Winnipeg theatre group launches new season
By: Jade Markus, Metro-August 2, 2017

Fringe festival comes close to new record
By: Randall KIng, Winnipeg Free Press-August 1, 2017

Winnipeg-trained artist live-painting the Canada Summer Games
By: Keila DePape, MetroJuly 30, 2017

RWB takes to the great outdoors: Assiniboine Park will play stage for the annual Royal Winnipeg Ballet production
By: Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press-July 26, 2017

Fringe deja view: Why are there so many returning shows at the festival this year?
Joff Schmidt, CBC News-July 26

Newly formed Indigenous Advisory Circle aims to ‘decolonize’ Winnipeg Art Gallery
By: Randy Turner, Winnipeg Free press-July 25, 2017

Five shows to check out at the Gimli Film Festival this week
By: Keila DePape, Metro-July 24, 2017

Rain-soaked fringe-goers set attendance record
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-July 24, 2017

All the world’s a stage for fringing family
By: Aaron Epp, Winnipeg Free Press-July 24, 2017

Inuit Art Centre in funding limbo: Gallery awaiting word from province on fate of former NDP government’s $15-million commitment
By: Randy Turner, Winnipeg Free Press-July 23, 2017

The play’s the thing: Winnipeg’s Koncan showcases serious issues at 2017 fringe
By: Jill Wilson, Winnipeg Free Press-July 22, 2017

Your guide to improv giggles and gaffes at this year’s fringe
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-July 21, 2017

All grown up: At 30, Winnipeg fringe has matured into one of Canada’s strongest
By: Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press-July 20, 2017