Careers in the arts youth & young adult mentorship

KC Adams with mentee Storm Angeconeb (2016-17 individual mentorship program).

About youth and young adult mentorship

Creative Manitoba’s Careers in the Arts youth and young adult mentorship programs provide opportunities for youth and young adults to be exposed to careers in arts and culture. Creative Manitoba currently offers three streams of mentorship: individual mentorship (19-29 year-olds), group mentorship (16-19 year-olds) and rural/community mentorship (16-29 year-olds). Participants are mentored by someone working in an arts or cultural career through group workshops, individual consultation, volunteer work experience and participation in career development workshops. Creative Manitoba’s Careers in the Arts Mentorship Program is made possible by the Province of Manitoba.

For more information, contact Jan Skene at or call Creative Manitoba at 204-927-2787.

Group mentorship (16-19 year-olds)

Creative Manitoba’s Careers in the Arts offers you the chance to participate in a group mentorship program in one of the programs listed below. Programs run each year from January to April. All programs are free of charge to qualifying applicants.

Applications will be accepted from October 16 to December 16, 2017. Please read the guidelines before submitting the nominator form and filling out the online application form.

Music marketing and promotion
The Youth Mentorship program in Music Marketing and Promotion will introduce participants to a variety of fields within the music industry including: artist management, record marketing, publicity and concert promotion. Participants learn from music industry professionals, while also working directly on the production, release and promotion of a music project. Musical performance skills are not required for this mentorship stream; music enthusiasts are encouraged to apply.
Partner: Manitoba Music
Guidelines-music marketing & promotion

Creative writing
The Youth Mentorship program in writing fiction will introduce participants to the writing process, storytelling and communication. Participants will give a public reading of their work and will publish a group anthology at the end of the course.
Partner: Winnipeg Public Library
Guidelines-creative writing

The Youth Mentorship program in Filmmaking will introduce participants to the art of filmmaking, from writing and storytelling to the technical side of making films. Participants will have the opportunity to make a short film.
Partner: Winnipeg Film Group

NEW! Interactive Digital Media
Youth participants will be introduced to the exciting world of interactive digital media focussing on career, networking and training opportunities within our community.
Partner: New Media Manitoba
Guidelines-interactive digital media

Permission/nominator form PDF

Rural/community mentorship (16–29 year-olds)

Applications are currently being accepted and assessed as they are received up until November 1, 2017. Programs may take place over any period of 5-8 months between October 2017 and June 2018.

Mentor guidelines
Mentor application form

Mentee guidelines
Mentee application form

Creative Manitoba offers a mentorship program for youth ages 16-29 living outside Winnipeg but within Manitoba. Experienced artists working in rural communities are contracted to provide mentorship with an individual or small group of youth over a total period of five months. Mentorship partnerships are aimed at a variety of artistic disciplines, including: writing/publishing, museum, film, photography, crafts, multimedia, design, theatre, dance, music and visual arts with an artistic, administrative or technical focus.

  • Mentors and mentees must be willing to commit to a minimum of 5 direct contact hours per month working together on their artistic pursuit, for a total of five months (25 hours).
  • The youth mentee, under their mentor’s direction, must commit an additional 5 hours per month fulfilling volunteer, community and networking opportunities. (25 hours total)
  • A mentor may work with 1 to 3 youth (simultaneously) depending on the age of the youth.
  • Where possible, mentors and mentees should apply together.
  • Programs may be custom designed to take place over a longer timeline as long as the hourly commitments are fulfilled and the program is completed by June 30, 2018.
  • Mentors will receive an honorarium of $1,500 based on the time commitments above.


Individual mentorship (19-29 year-olds)

For residents of Winnipeg and surrounding area.

Applications for this program are accepted between April and June of each year. The program runs from September to May. The 2017/18 program is currently underway.

Mentor guidelines
Mentee guidelines
Joint application form

Youth and young adults ages 19-29, residing in Winnipeg or within 50 km, can be mentored in any artistic discipline–creative, administrative, or technical. Within the chosen artistic area, the program’s aim is to offer structured one-on-one tutelage from a recognized mentor, networking opportunities within the industry, volunteer work experience and development of essential skills and knowledge of the arts and cultural sector. Participants selected for this program will be required to become Creative Manitoba members at a cost of $15-$20. There is no additional fee for selected mentees. Mentors receive an honourarium of $2,000.

There are three ways to apply for this program:

  1. Mentor and mentee may apply as a team, with the mentor acting as the youth’s nominator. For the year of the proposed pairing, the youth cannot be a registered student or an employee of the mentor.
  2. A youth may apply without a specific mentor in mind, and if selected, Creative Manitoba will make their best effort to find an appropriate mentor.
  3. A mentor may apply individually, indicating their interest and availability, and will be kept on file for a potential match up.