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Check out the 2020/21 Participants

In the Careers in the Arts Professional Mentorship Program mentees choose a professional mentor to pair with for the 7-month mentorship program (October 1st – April 29th for the 2021/22 program year). It is open to mentees age 19-29 who are residents of Winnipeg, .

This unique mentorship program is catered to the mentee in their specific artistic discipline (creative, administrative or technical) and offers structured one-on-one tutelage from their chosen mentor, assistance and guidance for individual projects and work, volunteer and connection opportunities set up by the mentor, as well as the rare opportunity to meet and share across disciplines with the full group of pairs in the program in monthly Mentorship Monday Share Nights.

It aims to build a connected relationship between the pair, working with a custom designed program plan created by them. This can include: work on specific projects, help/guidance in areas of struggle, working towards specific career goals, gaining specific skills, important conversations and support in career decisions, shadowing, providing opportunities to connect with others in the industry and much more!  *please note – for the year of the proposed pairing (2021-22), the mentee cannot be a registered student or an employee of the mentor. Contact program director for details.

Program Commitments:

Click here to download the 2021/22 full program dates & commitment details

  • Minimum of 5 hours/month direct 1:1 contact with mentee & mentor (35 hours total, minimum)
  • Respond promptly to monthly google form progress reports (requested 1st of every month, mentor & mentee respond individually)
  • Mentee additional commitments:
    1. 5 hours/month independent, volunteer work (35 hours total, minimum)
      (suggestions/guidance/assistance for these hours provided by the mentor)
    2. minimum of 15 hours total professional development (workshops, courses)
    3. minimum of 5 hours total community connections/networking (suggested and set up by mentor)
    4. attendance required at Creative Manitoba Creative Entrepreneurship Event March 12 & 13, 2022
  • Mentee & mentor attendance required at:
    1. opening orientation (Friday, October 1, 2021)
    2. minimum of 2 Mentorship Monday Share Nights together (2nd Monday of every month)
    3. final event celebration (Friday, April 29th, 2022)


  • Mentees & Mentors will be required to become Creative Manitoba members at a cost of $15-$20, purchased prior to October 1, 2021
  • Mentors receive an honorarium of $2,000

How To Apply:

Mentee prepares & submits the application on behalf of the proposed mentorship pair

  1. Make sure you read through the following
  2. Reach out to your mentor*with your proposed mentorship, have them fill out the Mentor Form & send back to you along with a CV/Resume (all PDF)
  3. Reach out to a nominator, have them fill out the Nominator Form & send back to you (PDF)
  4. Prepare your Application Question Responses in an outside document to copy/paste into the application
  5. Prepare your resume in PDF format
  6. Make sure to name all supporting files in format: YourName-DocumentTitle-ProfessionalMentorship2021
  7. Make sure all supporting material attachments are in PDF format
  8. Click APPLY HERE below to fill out the application, attach all supporting materials and click SUBMIT
    You will have the option to save and send a link to continue the submission at a later point & you will receive a confirmation note and email once your application has been accepted

* If you are a mentee who does not have a chosen mentor, email the program director no later than July 16 at for assistance to connect you to possible mentors to apply with.

** If you are a mentor without a specific mentee and would like to be considered for a match, please email the program director at with a  CV/resume and expression of interest.

Application Documents:

  1. Application Questions (For Advance Preparation)
  2. Download mentor application form
  3. Download nominator support form


Creative Manitoba pledges to make best efforts to prioritize opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds or from equity-seeking individuals and communities, with the goal of 50% of programs holding space for participants who identify as IBPOC or from equity-seeking groups.

If you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to contact Dora Carroll, Program Manager

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