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Urban Art Biz

Urban Art Biz is a series of online workshops focusing on the business side of art from an Indigenous perspective. Throughout our series, we will touch on protocols, decolonization, grant writing, residencies, mentorships, galleries, appraisals, creating an artist collective, northern galleries and how to create an online gallery 360 degree viewing of your work. Our goal is to provide insight into the professional world and work of Indigenous artists and Indigenous galleries.

To become a successful artist you need passion, perseverance, an innate curiosity to seek truth, and you have to treat your artistic talents like a job. Essentially you’ll be an art entrepreneur. The more successful you are, the more time you’ll be spending on the business side of your art practice, rather than in the studio. This includes coordinating calendars, organizing shipments, doing your taxes, welcoming studio visits from curators, meeting deadlines, applying for grants all the while you’re trying to create a new body of work.

Together we will explore:

  • How to make the leap from grad school to gallery.
  • How technology plays a role in the modern art gallery. 
  • How to juggle the day to day business aspects of art making and remain true to your vision.
  • How to find, apply, and have a successful artist residency.
  • How to run an Indigenous gallery.
  • How to create a working collective.
  • How to honour your creative self.


Previous Workshops

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Urban Art Biz 3 – Scott Benesiinaabandan – Artist Residencies

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Urban Art Biz 2 – Robert Snowbird – Creating an Online Virtual Gallery

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Date: 26/05/2021

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