In conclusion, embarking on a new collaboration between artists and communi- ties is exciting stuff! It is also challenging. While limited resources and conflicting ideas and finding great partners can be challenging, there are successful collabo- rations happening in this city and beyond every day. More people are realizing that the accumulation of stuff isn’t making anyone any happier, or our communi- ties any stronger. They see that humans are really here to create, to make and to connect. At the basic level when communities and artists join up, it is simply to create something. All of the extra stuff – the funding, the space, the project – will fall into place with strong commitment and people working together. When you find yourself creating alongside your neighbours, joyfully conversing while making stuff with your hands, you will feel the rewards of your effort. It brings value beyond the cost of the art supplies, room rental and coordinator fees, it strength- ens and beautifies our communities.

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