Before we dive into exploring the qualities of artistic leaders, let’s start with a few assumptions about this course. Firstly, this course assumes you have a curiosity about how to start a community arts program. Secondly, it assumes that you are an artist or you plan to work with an artist. Thirdly, the course assumes you have little experience in the area of leading and managing community arts projects but that you bring a wealth of insight and experience that can join with this course information to create powerful, unique and successful community art programs.

This course is written with an artist in mind. If you are not an artist, you bring a delicious blend of other strengths to this project. You will also need to recruit an artist to work with. How do you do that?

  • Ask people within the community you plan to work in if they know of any artists, and ask for their contact information.
  • Make posters and distribute them in the community.
  • Use online postings. You can create free ads and have them posted to the local arts community. Submit your listing to Winnipeg Arts Council Arts e billboard at Submit your listing to
    Creative Manitoba’s newsletter and online job posting:
  • Attend local arts events and network. Go to as many art openings as you can. They are generally free and a great way to see what is going on in the local art scene.
  • Contact organizations that work with artists like Art City, MAWA,
    The Edge Gallery and Graffiti Art Programming and ask if they can recommend an artist to work with you. Or, share your opportunity with their contact list.
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