The Project Completion phase is the final stage of your project. In many ways the project is over – people came and made art alongside an artist in their community. Perhaps you produced an exhibit, installation performance, or book. That is the end of the creation side of the project, but to give full respect to the project, the community, the art, and people who wish to work in the area of artist and community collaborations, you have a few more steps to take.

Sometimes there is resistance to wrapping up a project completely. The initial inspiration and love for the project is very different from our feelings when we have to close a project. In some cases, the project was a disaster – whether there was low buy-in, inconsistent attendance, or fallout with your collaborative partner – but there is still so much to reflect on, share and report to yourself and others wishing to work in this field. This final stage is often forgotten or neglected, but it is just as important to plan for this stage as for all the others.

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