Managing Staff and Volunteers


  • Order, organize and distribute materials and supplies
  •  Manage the organization and upkeep of the studio space
  • Prepare publicity and other information for the public
  • Share information about the program to drop-in guests or other inquirers
  • Assist in fundraising or grant writing

Facilitator or Educational

  • Teach art
  • Provide informal art education on a one-to-one basis
  • Give technical suggestions about technique or materials
  • Suggest particular techniques or materials to participants
  • Go on field trips to galleries, museums and other places with participants

Artistic (Visual Art Example)

  • Serve as an artist role model for participants while they work on their own artwork
  • Research new techniques
  • Research other art events in the city for participants to attend
  • Create art alongside the participants
  • Select, prepare and hang work for exhibits
  • Handle sales of artwork
  • Document and archive
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