Asking for Money from Organizations and Private Donors

Organizations and private individuals often support community events. While there are well-known donors in Manitoba, you will also want to search out people who don’t give as often or are not asked as often.

Think about your network. Do you know anyone who would support your project? On what level?

Do you know anyone or have a relationship with an organization that could help out by donating a large sum? Who does your collaborative partner know?

The Ask

Asking for money from a person or an organization is about relationships, often between the asker and the asked. This means that you will need to personally call and meet with the person or organization. In some cases, you may know someone who can do the talking and introductions for you. You want the relation- ship between you and the donor to be healthy and successful. You are going to set up the ask with great care and respect for both the project and the person you’re asking. This means:

  • You have researched the person you are asking and found commonali- ties.
  • You know your project inside and out, including how it benefits the community, timelines and expected results.
  • You have a budget.
  • You know how much you are asking for.
  • You know what recognition the donor will get. Can you issue a tax receipt? Will their name be on a brochure, banner, website? Are there are other perks like art or tickets to the event?
  • You have a professional-looking document that clearly outlines the above.

Steps to Take

Create a list of 10 people you will ask.

Call each of the people on your list and request a meeting to talk about the opportunity.

Meet with the person (maybe do the ask, maybe just give information).

Follow up with documents or the ask.

Nurture the relationship. If they funded the project, send a thank you and call to let them know how it is going. If they declined, thank them for their time.

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