Who Should I Ask – Finding Funders


There are organizations that specifically fund arts projects, such as local arts councils, provincial arts councils and nationwide arts councils. In Winnipeg, the main funders are the Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts. Other grants are available if you’re working with a particular community, age group, ethnic group or gender. Local funding sources include:

Other Places to Find Money and Supporters

  • Attend arts events and get a program or brochure (these usually list sponsors).
  • Attend charitable events and take a picture of their sponsor wall.
  • Make a list with your collaborative partner of people and places who may give.
  • Research local companies that support your cause.
  • Talk to local businesses in the community you’re serving.
  • Look at your network. Are you close with any “people of influence” who believe in your idea? Ask them to join you when you are doing an ask.
  • Talk to family and friends.
  • Set up a Google alert on “New Manitoba arts funding” or “Winnipeg community grants” to get the latest information on new granting opportunities.
  • Remember, when you ask someone for money, you are not taking something away from them. You are giving them an opportunity to do good and feel good.
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