Project Development Models for Community Art (Cont.)

Model 4. Co-initiated Project

In some cases, a community and an artist are searching for each other. They do not know what kind of project they want to work on, but they are interested in an artistic collaboration. They are searching for the perfect place to come together to make art. In some cases, the organization will call an existing organization and ask for an artist. Many people call places like Art City or Manitoba Theatre for Young People, because they are interested in having art programs in their communities but they do not know an artist. The arts organization can organize an outreach program. In Winnipeg, another common model is the Winnipeg Art Council’s WITH ART program. In this program, communities and artists apply to be part of a roster of qualified collaborators. A community and an artist connect through the program and then continue on their own for the project. Provincially, organizations can access funds though Manitoba Arts Council’s Artists in Community Residency Program.

What do you think are some benefits of a project developing this way?

What do you think are some challenges of a project developing this way?

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