Skills Inventory (Cont.)

Which of these skills do you have the most experience in?


You enjoy sharing ideas and thoughts using the written word. People are always commenting on what a great a listener you are. You have the ability to connect with all kinds of personalities. You can persuade others and speak confidently to others.

Interpersonal Skills

You are understanding, you enjoy motivating others. You are comfortable delegating responsibilities and you work well with others.

Research and Planning

You are always coming up with ideas. You forecast trends, you know a lot about your area of interest (and even things you’re not interested in), you meet goals and enjoy strategizing.

Organizational Skills

You are all about the details. You like to be on top of things, you meet deadlines, plan and arrange activities and enjoy multitasking.

Management Skills

You manage people and conflict with great ease. You enjoy training, delegating responsibility, and taking charge.

While all of the skills are important, there is creativity in the “how you do stuff”. I may enjoy keeping track of project using a notebook, you may enjoy project tracking software. As long as it works, use it.

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