Course Introduction

Course Description

The Art of Collaboration: Harnessing the Power of Partnerships is foundational training for leaders in all sectors. This course will help you  develop the core competencies required for initiating and managing collaborations and partnerships.

In this course, you will learn advanced interpersonal, relationship-building and negotiation skills, and apply theories, frameworks and tools for assessing partner fit and guiding collaboration through its various stages to achieve high impact results.

Course Objectives

The Art of Collaboration: Harnessing The Power Of Partnerships course will help the people in your organization:

  • Achieve your organizational goals through the synergy of collaborations.
  • Maximize opportunities and minimize duplication of services.
  • Negotiate mutually beneficial, sustainable working relationships.
  • Work together to gain competitive advantages.
  • Mobilize community resources, effectiveness, and cohesion.
  • Build ties within and across sectors.
  • Strengthen partnerships with other arts/cultural organizations and promote arts-community development.
  • Access and leverage new financial support and buy-in from funders.

Learning Goals

Through this course, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore types and degrees of collaboration.
  • Assess your own suitability and readiness to collaborate.
  • Practice skills for building respect, goodwill, and common understandings.
  • Learn techniques for reaching consensus and negotiate agreements.
  • Explore methods to resolve tensions and differences (conflict) and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Discuss how to bring closure and dissolve a collaborative relationship.
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