Types and Degrees of Collaboration (Cont.)

As we approach or consider entering into partnership, we need to be aware that people have varying levels of experience and understanding of collaboration and partnership. Given that there are many different types and degrees of collaboration we need to first explore and discuss what kind of collaboration we have in mind.

Reflective Question

  1. What are the pros and cons of the various types and degrees (the contrasts)?

Metaphors for Collaboration and Partnership

Collaboration is like…..

  • Two people driving a vehicle together, one with their feet on the gas and the brake, the other with their hands on the wheel, both with their eyes on the road.

A collaborative relationship is like…..

  • Planning, planting, tending and harvesting a garden together.

A collaboration project is like…..

  • An experiment and we are the scientists and the subjects at the same time.

What is your way of finishing this sentence?

Collaboration is like….



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