From Pinch to Crunch

Crunch: A crunch is open conflict. Both parties are now aware that there is a problem. However, if I have been suffering silently, my crunch may be the other party’s pinch.

Crunch Management Options

Silent or stormy ending: This is where one party terminates the relationships after the fight without any further communication.

Re-commitment: This is where the parties smooth things over and play nice with each other, with the hope that the relationship will return quickly to stability and productivity. The pinch, however, remains private and unresolved.

Lower expectations: By lowering their expectations and just “putting in time”, the parties hope to reduce the number of pinches and crunches that they are experiencing with each other. Eventually, this can lead to apathy and cynicism.

Perspective check and renegotiation: By engaging in a difficult, honest conversation after a crunch, information can be gathered, expectations and assumptions clarified and parties can either renew their commitment to their relationship or agree to disagree and explore the final option of an agreed- upon transition or ending of the relationship.

Planned exit: An intentional exit from the relationship (permanent or temporary) having given consideration to the new information gathered during the deliberate renegotiation phase.

How does it affect the broader community if we IGNORE or do not address a pinch and it turns into a crunch?

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