The Communication Skills and Model

Avoiding Assumptions, Judgements, Tensions or Confusion to Grow

“Workers are clamouring for tools to help them work together. Training in communication and listening, conflict resolution, negotiation and similar skills can facilitate the transition from a competitive environment that puts the premium on working with others. But these tools can be effective only if they are used in the context of a deeper mind shift.”

From Power to Partnership – Creating the Future of Love, Work, and Community by Alfonso Montuori & Isabella Conti

The Perspective Check – Clearing Up Misunderstandings: The perspective check is a proactive, conflict-prevention response in which the person who has experienced a pinch takes the initiative to approach the person whose actions caused the pinch, with the intention of seeking clarity. This skill and model is crucial for breaking a habit or pattern of avoidance.

This approach, when done well, can surface and clear up misunderstandings, provide an opportunity for others to recover from their mistakes, or identify disagreements that will require a broader problem-solving conversation.

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