The Main Reasons for the “Failure” or Ending of Partnerships

  • Failure to learn and understand cultural differences between organizations.
  • Insufficient role and expectations dialogue at the start.
  • Lack of “checking in” and maintaining an active flow of communication.
  • Failure to understand and adapt to new style of management or decision- making (sharing power), can’t break out of the competitive territorial paradigm.
  • Lack of commitment to succeed, unequal levels of commitment
  • Strategic vision or goal difference, an emergent difference that is significant
  • Insufficient trust, leading to judgments, negative energy, and assumptions
  • Operational overlap (competition).
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Failure to nurture the relationship.
  • Conflict or tension avoidance – failure to deal with conflict and tensions that arise.
  • An unexpected crisis for one of the parties, resulting in not being able to maintain and follow through on commitments or a full “pulling out” from the project; for example, a sudden loss of core funding for one of the organizations.
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