Now the project is coming to an end, and you naturally start thinking about how to bring about good closure. Let’s say it has been a big success. You all feel that you have at least met if not exceeded your hopes and goals for the project. It is time to celebrate.

Given that collaboration is the highest and deepest type of relationship, there can often be some feelings of loss associated with the successful completion around the corner. It is important to take time to “dwell” on the journey and to provide acknowledgement and appreciation to one another. You may want to do this as a small gathering of the key partners, or you may want to open it up and celebrate in the context of a larger community event. Sometimes the completion event can be a great way to bring recognition to the issue, cause, group, community, or organizations undertaking the project.

Celebration leads into closure. In partnership collaboration all parties need to know what is going to happen from here, if the project will continue, or be repeated. If it is not continuing, partners may want to know what to expect in terms of future contact; is there a shared intent for staying in touch, and if so what will be the means. If the project will have a second phase or be repeated at some point you will find yourself back at the beginning to start all over again.

On the following page are some final thoughts to leave you with. Hopefully at least one of them will germinate in you and be passed on.

“What if we were to create pockets of partnership wherever we go?”

– From Power to Partnership – Creating the Future of Love, Work and Community by Alfonso Montuori & Isabella Conti

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