Recognition and Credit

Recognition and credit is not something to think of only when the project is coming to an end.

It is unfortunately easy to neglect providing appropriate thanks or recognition both throughout the project and at the end of it.

If it is a collaboration or partnership between an established large organization and a small emerging organization, the public relations or media that the large organization is more accustomed to receiving can be shared to raise the profile of the emerging organization.

There are so many ways to give or provide recognition. They can be cost free or a worthwhile expense. They can be private or public and come in the form of cards or notes, small gifts, gift certificates from businesses in the community, a free course or program in the future (if you offer a service), a mention in the newsletter, a permanent plaque or award. The size of the thank you or acknowledgement symbol should be in proportion to the contribution made.

To credit sponsors and donors, one should always give credit and use the logo of supporting or sponsoring donors, funders, investors. In speeches related to the project, or on documentation of the project, thank or acknowledge by name the organizations and also specific people who have made a significant impact.

Most projects involve some kind of volunteer component. Volunteers need recognition as much as if not more than the personnel who are paid. Contact Volunteer Manitoba for training and support regarding effective volunteer management.

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