Mapping the Life of a Partnership (Cont.)

The “pinch” or unmet expectation has something to do with an underlying difference between the partners that has not been surfaced or discussed and negotiated yet. Or If it is related to something that was previously discussed and agreed upon, something has changed or is impacting one of the partners resulting in them not following through as expected.

This is a crucial stage of the partnership and pinches will likely happen many times throughout a partnership or collaboration project. If handled and processed effectively it does not have to have a negative impact on the project or relationship. In fact if brought into the open and handled effectively it can have the effect of improving and strengthening the project and relationship and enables things to stay on track.

Types of Conflicts or Causes of Pinches

  1. Misunderstanding and miscommunication – Requires clarification
  2. Differences of opinion – Requires problem-solving to resolution or decision
  3. Mistakes, errors and omissions – Requires recovery through acknowledgement or apology and statement of re-commitment

In all of these cases or types of conflict, communication is the key to effective resolution and collaboration.

“Partnership is not something we buy into, it is something we build together.”

From Power to Partnership – Creating the Future of Love, Work, and Community by Alfonso Montuori & Isabella Conti

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