The Benefits of Collaboration and Partnership

  • Reduce duplication or competition
  • More effective use of resources
  • Increased resources and expertise from which to draw
  • Use partnership resources and investment to leverage additional or outside resources
  • Shared risk on new or larger-scale projects
  • Reach new audiences or communities
  • Synergy achieves more than you could have alone
  • Cross-training (peer to peer)
  • Mutual support and encouragement can reduce burnout
  • Increase chances of sustainability (if not a one-time project)
  • Strengthen and integrate the “fabric” of our society or ecology of relationships – the fabric of inter-connectedness of our community (within the arts and cultural sector and the arts and cultural sector within the broader community)
  • They provide a means for finding solutions to complex issues

“Collaboration is the way that I have continued to develop and challenge myself artistically over the years.”

Phillip Glass, composer / musician

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