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The Art of Managing Your Career is a course designed for artists to gain the confidence and knowledge to successfully manage their careers. The course begins by exploring the attitudes and behaviours that may make it difficult for artists to recognize their transferable skills. It then builds components of a business plan and other self-promotion tools. A peer learning network is established to support the participants once the workshop has been completed.

Recently, two members of the Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba wrote testimonials about their AMYC experiences in the TFAM bi-monthly newsletter as a source of information and inspiration.

The Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba is an inclusive group of diverse Manitoba based artists whose foundation rests on the four pillars of education, networking, exhibiting and promoting fibre as an art form. They are a non-profit fibre arts group started in September 2017 whose members include emerging and established artists as well as teachers and designers. The current membership count is 57 members from both urban and rural areas of Manitoba. All forms of fibre-based art are encouraged and created.


Theresa Shaw

I enrolled in the Art of Managing Your Career at Creative Manitoba in the spring of 2018, shortly after moving back to Winnipeg. I was retired and spending a lot of time making fibre art, and was hoping to bring a little coherence to my art practice. I had a website with a few photos of my work and business cards, but little else that said: “Here I Am”. Twelve weeks later, I had a coherent online presence, a professional artist statement and point of view, a set of short- and long-term goals, a business plan, and I had sold my first piece! This course, taught expertly by Heather Bishop, inspired me to think like an artist and gave me practical tips on how to work as an artist. I would highly recommend this course as a valuable step along your creative path.

Some samples of Theresa’s work:

Early Winter

Prairie Pathfinding


Cathie Ugrin

It was only on my daughter Heidi’s insistence that I enrolled in Creative Manitoba’s The Art of Managing Your Career in the fall of 2013. I was just starting to experiment with fibre art, was very isolated and did not consider myself an artist at all. Throughout the twelve weeks of the course, ten other participants and I grew to know each other and ourselves through learning, group discussions and creative presentations all supported by the amazing knowledge, insight and guidance of our instructor, Heather Bishop. By the end of the course, I understood the business end of what I love to do, had become a part of a unique and creative peer group and recognized that I am indeed a Fibre Artist. The knowledge and confidence I acquired from The Art of Managing Your Career have served me well in my personal fibre art practice since then and in my position as Exhibit and Events Coordinator of the Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba.

Some samples of Cathie’s work:


On the Water


Heather Bishop says “One of the most important things that I think this course does is give people permission to pursue their passion – follow their dream.  I am constantly thrilled and filled with pride when I run into graduates at different art openings or shows or on stages and have watched dozens of students take off in their careers for multiple reasons.  AMYC grads belong to a huge family of artists who mutually respect each other and who each want to see everyone else succeed.”

For anyone interested or considering enrolling in Creative Manitoba’s The Art of Managing Your Career, the 2019 Fall Session runs from September to December. Applications close August 14, 2019.

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