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Indigenous Programs

Creative Manitoba’s Indigenous programs provide workshops and programming for and by Indigenous cultural workers, artists and art enthusiasts.

We work with Indigenous artists of all disciplines ­­– contemporary, traditional, and/or both, and offer networking, educational, and hands-on experiences that promote Indigenous arts and support artists at every level.

All facilitators employ a mentorship approach from an Indigenous perspective that fosters art and cultural/professional development while empowering, supporting and engaging our communities.

We are committed to creating equitable, safe and welcoming spaces that fully represent our diverse and intersectional membership and their needs, and acknowledge the various systems of power at play and how those affect our communities. If cost is a barrier, bursaries are available for BIPOC artists. Click HERE to apply.

The Indigenous programs exist to:

  • Support Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and art organizations to meet their professional goals pertaining to Indigenous art and cultural practices.
  • Develop programs that foster the emergence of Indigenous cultural leadership at every level.
  • Identify and/or promote initiatives and projects that focus on Indigenous contributions in arts, culture and heritage sectors, and work towards the revitalization and empowerment of our communities.

Creative Manitoba is committed to providing resources to Indigenous cultural workers, artists and art enthusiasts. Visit the pages below for more resources:

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