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Smoke Signals

SMOKE SIGNALS is a gathering of community-engaged artists and arts leaders examining the importance of our Indigenous voices in the art and media world. We recognize the unique ability our Indigenous perspectives have to transform and galvanize community, celebrating our role as artists and acknowledging the importance of reclaiming our own narrative as oral historians.

The conference is an opportunity for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, students, educators and creatives working in the non-profit service provider sector, education, and commercial art galleries to share and gather learning.

Declaration of Intent:

“We are a gathering of community-engaged artists and arts leaders examining the importance of Indigenous voices in the art and cultural sector. We are oral historians reclaiming our power through speaking out. We gather around the foundation of our cultural teachings, we transmit our views through art and media, and signal dangers of cultural appropriation. We will spend our time together as a community exploring the power of words and intentions in the art world as storytellers and as Indigenous peoples.” 

The hope is for a deeper understanding and recognition of the:

  • historical role of artists within the Indigenous community
  • protocols for engaging Indigenous artists
  • transformative ability of the arts to galvanize community
  • strength of speaking out and telling your own story
  • unique Indigenous perspectives in our art and media worlds
  • importance of reclaiming Indigenous narrative in the media
  • insight into decolonizing the art and cultural sector


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