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About Us

Creative Manitoba strengthens, represents and connects Manitoba’s arts and creative industries.

Our entrepreneurship training and mentorship opportunities teach artists how to sustain themselves creatively and financially. Our arts specific management training increases productivity and profitability in arts and cultural organizations.

We promote the value of the arts. In support of this work, we create and publish directories of artists and creative workers, conduct research and share the findings through educational seminars and outreach.

Our creative coworking space supports business growth for independent creative entrepreneurs and creates a focal point for the arts and creative industries in Manitoba.

We unite and engage employers, workers, educators, professional associations and government in a strategic alliance, enabling the arts and cultural sector to thrive.

Values Statement 

Creative Manitoba’s culture is one of community and belonging. We are committed to equity and co-creation, and we will work to be a catalyst for artists and arts organizations to gather and build meaningful connections. We are committed to creating adaptive and responsive programs that support the creative community, helping them to thrive in abundance while finding joy in life.

Our Values


We are committed to creating equitable, safe and welcoming spaces that fully represent our diverse and intersectional membership and their needs, including the acknowledgement of various systems of power at play and how those affect our communities.

Attentive and Adaptive Support

We are committed to creating adaptive and innovative programming and supports that are responsive to the needs of our community while remaining in-tune with current trends in the arts and creative industries.


We will strive to be a hub and catalyst for Manitoba artists and arts organizations to learn, share, and gather in order to forge collaborative relationships and meaningful connections.


We believe in the power of creating together and are committed to fostering alliances and opportunities for co-creation. We believe in the power of mutual trust, in finding joy and maintaining a sense of humour while nurturing community and delivering our programs.

Thriving with Abundance

We advocate for a holistic approach to our programming and the support that we offer. We believe in helping our community thrive and live well-rounded lives, and that success can be measured in many ways.

Funding Provided by:

The Government of Canada

The Manitoba government

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