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Coaching Programs

Creative Manitoba offers subsidized one-on-one coaching sessions with arts and business professionals throughout the year. Coaches’ expertise range from taxes and financial management to website development, social media, grant writing, and more. 

Artist Coaching (Spring/Fall)

Coaches in this program have experience and knowledge working with or as self-employed artists.

Arts Admin Coaching (Spring/Summer)

Coaches in this program have experience and knowledge working with or within arts organizations.


“The Manitoba Arts Network worked with Albert McLeod to learn what decolonizing our administrative practices means and why is it important. Over 4 sessions we reviewed some of our administrative practices, identified barriers and implemented ways to remove them in order to increase participation by Indigenous people, racialized and marginalized people to our programs. We reviewed two of our application forms and made them more accessible and user friendly, we updated our diversity, inclusion and reconciliation statements making them more meaningful and actionable, and lastly we discussed best practices in setting up a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee to allow for more inclusive voices at the table to guide the direction of our programs.”

Rose-Anne Harder, Manitoba Arts Network

“I spoke with Bev Pike about grant writing, and I really enjoyed the coaching session. I found it very insightful and it really boosted my confidence in writing grant applications. I think this session with Bev Pike is a must take for any local artists looking to get funding for their projects. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Ethan Billard-Dooley, Filmmaker

“Stefanie Blondal Johnson was amazing! In just an hour, she helped me untangle some of my roadblocks, consider monetizing angles of my music career that I had not thought of before, and give some great advice for how to better use social media for my branding. Overall, she was totally validating and encouraging! I hope to connect with her again in the future.”

Danielle Savard, Musician and music therapist

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