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Coaching Programs

Creative Manitoba offers subsidized one-on-one coaching sessions with arts and business professionals throughout the year. Coaches’ expertise range from taxes and financial management to website development, social media, grant writing, and more. 

We are committed to creating equitable, safe and welcoming spaces that fully represent our diverse and intersectional membership and their needs, including the acknowledgement of various systems of power at play and how those affect our communities. If cost is a barrier bursaries are available for BIPOC artists, click HERE to apply.

Artist Coaching (Spring/Fall)

Coaches in this program have experience and knowledge working with or as self-employed artists.

Arts Admin Coaching (Spring/Summer)

Coaches in this program have experience and knowledge working with or within arts organizations.

Current Coaching Opportunities

Are you an artist looking to enhance and advance your skills? Need some direction from experts on how to develop your practice? We’ve gathered experienced professionals from various fields to help you out with Social Media, Grant Writing, Acting and Auditions, Business and Financial Planning, and Theatre Proposals.

Possessing a nuanced understanding of their respective fields, our coaches are able to direct you towards the right career path and equip you with the tools to succeed. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists are all welcome!

The program runs from April 25 – June 3 and sessions are offered at the subsidized rate of $30 per hour-long session. Available exclusively to Creative Manitoba members. Not a member? Become one today! We have affordable individual memberships from $15-25.

Upon booking a session with a coach, you can leave a short intro message describing the type of guidance you’re looking for and can add links to work for them to review prior to your session together. Preparing a bullet list of talking points and questions is also a great way to ensure you get all the answers you need.

Terms and conditions

  1. The program is only available to Creative Manitoba Members
  2. All sessions must be completed by June 3, 2022. Refunds will not be given if you are unable to fill your sessions within the timeframe.

How to book a session:

  1. Click the login button below
  2. Once logged in you will see a list of coaching services – select one to view availble coaches
  3. Select a coach to view their calendar
  4. Select a date and time for your coaching session and complete the registration
  5. You will recieve and email notifiying you that the session is pending approval from the coach
  6. Once approved by the coach you will recieve an approval email with a Zoom link for your session

If you have any issues or questions, please email!

Already Registered for a coaching session?

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Acting and Auditions

Rochelle Kives has spent 12 years performing as the lead singer in the production casts on NCL, Azamara and Celebrity Cruises. She is co-founder and producer of the vocal group Unique3, they travel as featured guest artists on various cruise lines around the world. Most recent: Calpurnia (National Arts Centre, RMTC), 25 Questions For A Jewish Mother (WJT), Where.Are. You. From. (MTC) Precipice (WJT), Ma-Buhay Workshop (Rainbow Stage), Elizabeth Rex (Bunbury Pro-ductions), A Year With Frog And Toad (MTYP), South Pacific (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra) Kiss Of The Spider Woman (Dry Cold Productions) South Pacific (Regina Symphony Orchestra), Miss Saigon, South Pacific, Little Shop Of Horrors ( Rainbow Stage), The Who’s Tommy (Platinum Theatre). TV/Film: A Kiss Before Christmas (Hallmark), Larry Saves The Health Care System (Tripwire Productions), Not Funny (Imaginary Productions).

Theatre Proposals

Cuinn Joseph is a Winnipeg-based writer, composer, performer, and designer. Joseph’s most notable projects include composition and sound design for WJT’s Intimate Apparel (2019), Dear Jack, Dear Louise (2021), and Queen’s Girl in the World (2022), associate musical direction and instrumentation for Pizza Party Productions’ Chicago (2019), and composition and musical direction for University of Manitoba’s Peer Gynt (2019). Joseph has also spent time creating with companies such as MTYP and One Trunk Theatre as a resident artist. For his work in theatre, Joseph has been awarded the RMTC Jean Morray/Murry Sinclair Theatre Scholarship, the Harry S. Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoba Play at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and has twice received the Charles M. Cohen Prize for the Best Original Writing in Theatre or Film at the University of Manitoba. Joseph’s current projects include the writing and composition of a pop-punk musical, Breaking Up With Me, as well as a Shakespeare-inspired musical theatre project entitled Hal.

Social Media

Cori Jaye Ettienne is a visual artist, teacher, mentor and mental health advocate from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her artistic practice consists of vibrant surrealist, pop-art paintings that she utilizes to spread positive messages to the community. Cori Jaye has been featured on CBC and CJOB Radio, CTV and Global Television and many podcasts speaking about her career as an artist and the importance of following your dreams. She leverages her background in Marketing, Graphic Design and Digital Media to promote the power of positivity, using social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as catalysts. In addition, Cori Jaye conducts social media literacy workshops, as well as private mentoring sessions, to help share knowledge about how to navigate the ever-growing online sector. Currently, she is creating online classes for the Winnipeg Art Gallery, combining her love of painting and teaching, while staying connected to the community during these unprecedented times.

Business and Financial Planning

Yvette Hawkes is a Certified Coach Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator and Small Business Consultant based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. From 2002-2014, Yvette co-owned and sold two businesses – and during this time, she was recognized as a Co-Finalist for the 2013 Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2016, Yvette started a self-named venture ( which led to facilitating classes and consulting with startups, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Yvette is a proud Citizen of the Manitoba Métis Federation and a visual artist, a creative writer and an adventurer-in-training.

Book a session with Yvette if you would like help with:

  • Choosing a business name – Marketing and branding considerations related to a business name
  • Registering a business name – Steps and costs involved; benefits of registering
  • Permits – What’s required to work from home and where/how to apply
  • Organization – Sorting and organizing business receipts/expenses (paper or digital); work space setup and organization; digital file naming formats
  • Bookkeeping basics – Setting up spreadsheet for basic bookkeeping entries; benefits of using a bookkeeping software program
  • Planning – Typical/full business plans or simplified, creative business plan formats; goal setting; action plans; marketing plans and marketing calendars

Grant Writing

Bev Pike has raised millions of dollars in art funding as a grant writer for artists and organizations since 1984. As an artist, she has received senior arts grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council. Pike is known for her large-scale land-form paintings, her videos and her artist-books that have been shown across Canada in solo and group exhibitions. Her works are held in the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England as well as in public and private collections across North America. Pike’s current artistic research includes performative landscape, underground shell grottoes and other Baroque spectacles.


“The Manitoba Arts Network worked with Albert McLeod to learn what decolonizing our administrative practices means and why is it important. Over 4 sessions we reviewed some of our administrative practices, identified barriers and implemented ways to remove them in order to increase participation by Indigenous people, racialized and marginalized people to our programs. We reviewed two of our application forms and made them more accessible and user friendly, we updated our diversity, inclusion and reconciliation statements making them more meaningful and actionable, and lastly we discussed best practices in setting up a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee to allow for more inclusive voices at the table to guide the direction of our programs.”

Rose-Anne Harder, Manitoba Arts Network

“I spoke with Bev Pike about grant writing, and I really enjoyed the coaching session. I found it very insightful and it really boosted my confidence in writing grant applications. I think this session with Bev Pike is a must take for any local artists looking to get funding for their projects. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Ethan Billard-Dooley, Filmmaker

“Stefanie Blondal Johnson was amazing! In just an hour, she helped me untangle some of my roadblocks, consider monetizing angles of my music career that I had not thought of before, and give some great advice for how to better use social media for my branding. Overall, she was totally validating and encouraging! I hope to connect with her again in the future.”

Danielle Savard, Musician and music therapist

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