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Urban Art Biz

Urban Art Biz is a series of online workshops focusing on the business side of art from an Indigenous perspective, presented in partnership with Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery,

Our goal is to provide insight into the professional world and work of Indigenous artists and Indigenous galleries.

Creating art, in any and all disciplines, takes passion, perseverance, the humility to share your truth, a belief in your voice, and a willingness to embrace and honour your artistic gifts. From traditional work to contemporary artforms, Indigenous art speaks from the heart, carrying on the legacy of storytelling, drawing on ancestral connections, often critiquing current social conditions that are the consequence of colonial histories of repression, and celebrating resilience in community. The expression and acknowledgment of Indigenous culture through art allows us to share our worldviews and redefine our cultural identity.

For those who are fully embracing their artistic visions and talents, there is an additional element to navigate on their journey towards becoming a successful artist. That is the business of art. What do you need to know, how do your manage your career, what are your next steps, where do you get the funds. Urban Art Biz will take you through some of the most important aspects of being an artist with a selection of esteemed art creators, innovators, and guest panelists. Together we will share discoveries made, lessons learned, how to access funding, navigate protocols, effectively organize your career all the while you are trying to create a new body of work.

In Season 1 of Urban Art Biz 2021/22 , we explored:

  • From Grad School to Gallery with Casey Koyczan
  • Creating a Virtual online gallery with Robert Snowbird. 
  • The Business of Being a Artist with Lori Blondeau
  • Artist Residencies with Scott Benesiinaabandan
  • Indigenous Galleries with Jacques St. Goddard, Daina Warren, and Jocelyn Piirainen
  • Public Art with Val Vint, Chloe Chafe and Tamara Rae Biebrich.
  • Grant Writing with Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts
  • Honouring your Creative Self with Buffy Sainte Marie.

In Season 2 of Urban Art Biz 2022 / 23 , we explored:

  • Sept 28, 2022 – The Art of Curating – with Dr. Darlene Coward Wight, Jenny Western and Jennifer Lee Smith
  • Oct 26, 2022 – The Art of the Art Show – with KC Adams and JD Hawk
  • Nov 30, 2022 – The Circle of Connectedness – with Jaime Black, Erica Marie Daniels, Kristen Snowbird
  • Jan 25, 2023 – The Art of the Graphic Novel – with Alice RL, Richard Van Camp, katherena vermette
  • Feb 22, 2023 – The Art of Grant Writing

In Season 3 of Urban Art Biz 2023 / 24 , we will explore:

  • Sept 27, 2023 – Casey Koyczan
  • Oct 25, 2023 – CARFAC + Indigenous Protocols
  • Nov 29, 2023 – Cheryl L’Hirondelle
  • Jan 24, 2023 – Shushkitew Collective
  • Feb 28, 2023 – The Art of Grant Writing


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