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Alan Lacovetsky in akubra hat

Alan Lacovetsky has been making functional pottery and sculpture from custom-mixed clays for nearly fifty years. He has worked and exhibited throughout Canada, the US, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Croatia. After receiving a Master’s degree from the University of North Dakota, he taught at both the University of Manitoba and Brandon University. His earthy and ageless work is made on a foot-powered wheel and fired in a wood-burning kiln in a studio near Oak Hammock Marsh, with many materials sourced locally.

As part of the Interlake WAVE Artists group, he opens his studio twice a year for tours and purchases.

I’ve always been interested in making things. In my younger years, I lived on Texada Island in BC. Living so close to nature made me think about the most basic material we have to make things with; CLAY. I studied up on exactly what it is and became really excited when I found out it took nature hundreds of millions of years to produce and I can influence its shape in seconds. If only these particles could tell us about their journey.

I make my work on an antique foot-powered potter’s wheel from England. The wood-burning kiln that I built is based on ancient oriental designs. It takes 36 hours to fire, putting wood in every ten minutes for that whole time. I burn almost two cords of wood for each firing. I don’t have an average day and that is why I became an artist.

wood fired pasta bowls by Alan Lacovetsky

My work has evolved through a natural process that happens over time.

To make high-quality art and have the opportunity to work and exhibit in various countries.

I think it supports my career by promoting art in general. We all benefit from that.

Really all aspects of making and firing have a magic about them that celebrates nature.

I have just finished another wood firing and am working on a long-running series of pieces for the retiring teachers and administrators at one of Winnipeg’s school boards.

Wood fired vase by Alan Lacovetsky

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