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Ande Brown is a world traveler, an entrepreneur and a talented artisan. Brown grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and at an early age found themselves drawn to maps and globes. At that point, Brown promised them self, that they would visit as many countries in the world as possible. Since then, Brown has solo travelled on a motorcycle across New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, been on six continents and in 2017 visited Antarctica the last continent on their list.

Along the way Ande Brown, found themselves in Winnipeg, and stayed, making it their home. They also began to devise a plan, of how to create a career out of this immense love of maps and travel. In 2018 Brown, who’d always had a crafty side, began making three-dimensional globes based on a decades-old design they once studied called the Dymaxion map, and began by giving them away to friends, who suggested they sell them. This could be a business, but how?

Ande Brown discovered Creative Manitoba and dedicated themselves to learning everything they could about developing, running, and marketing a business. Ande registered for Artists Websites Design & Strategy E-Course, Arts Management Boot Camp online Course Companion, Community Arts Leadership, The Art of Collaboration: Harnessing the power of partnership and then participated in our Online Coaching pilot program of 2020. Last year alone Ande Brown participated in almost every program we ran beginning with, Creative Entrepreneurship 2021- Embracing Change, Merging Mindsets – Digital Inspiration, The Business of Writing with Jessica Antony- How to get published, Working as (and with) an Editor, Working as (and with) a Copywriter and finally The Art of Managing your career – Fall 2021 cohort. Ande has approached their career, much like they have set out to explore every aspect of the world. With goals and gusto.

When asked how Creative Manitoba has been able to support their career, Ande replied,
“The information I’ve received through the professional development programs I’ve been involved with through Creative Manitoba have prompted me to clarify and document my vision, mission, goals and priorities as an artist and as an entrepreneur. The programs have helped me recognize my strengths and identify areas that need improvement.    

Some of the key results from taking Creative Manitoba programs have been formulating a business plan, obtaining feedback on my website, learning ways to improve it, refining my Artist Profile and Bio, as well as documenting my accomplishments and creating a presentation of my journey as an artist that can be readily adapted to various audiences for submissions.    
The best part of my participation in the various programs has been the contacts, friendships and collaborations that resulted from meeting a diverse group of people who are helpful in providing constructive feedback and a variety of perspectives I may not have considered if I had not been involved with Creative Manitoba’s programs. I am collaborating with several artists on new projects. I believe all learning meets us exactly where and when we need it.”

Ande told us that their art-based income has increased 30% as a direct result of participating in Creative Manitoba’s programming. They have built an incredible website and their work is carried in the Winnipeg Art Gallery shop as well as C2 centre for craft. Ande’s work has been featured in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Studio Magazine, Interviewed on CBC Manitoba’s afternoon radio show, Up to Speed with Ismaila Alfa, a feature article in the Winnipeg Free Press, “Global Citizen” July, 2020, and another article in January 2021, “Reconnect with fascinating people featured in 2020”

When asked to sum up their experience working with Creative Manitoba, Ande mentioned a comment from Coach Heidi Hunter that resonated deep and helped focus their career, “Marketing isn’t as much about showing your work, but showing who you are.” And that’s what Ande Brown has done. Through their passion of adventure and love of the world, Ande Brown has shown us who they are, and mapped out a creative and successful business.

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