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The Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration 2024 – Call for Submissions

  • Call for submissions
  • Winnipeg, MB

Website videopool Video Pool Media Arts Centre

Deadline: March 3, 2024

Residency Theme: Reconstruction
Deadline for submission: March 3, 2024

The Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration (SLFMAE) is an annual residency focused on research and exploration.

We’re seeking submissions from artists for The Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration (SLFMAE).

SLFMAE offers $2000 for a one-month residency exploring a specific technology and related aesthetic approaches. A dedicated mentor is also provided for a limited time during the residency.

This is a site-specific research-based residency of VP’s analogue video suite. The focus of the residency is RECONSTRUCTION. As a research residency, participants are expected to spend their time exploring and experimenting rather than focusing on an end product. Participants will be required to host at least one presentation of their time at VP with the format left up to the artist.

Reconstruction is an invitation to delve into the process of rebuilding, reimagining, and reinterpreting various aspects of the world around us. It is an exploration of the dynamic interplay between creation, destruction and transformation.

The analog video system is made to be flexible in routing, so that mixer ins / outs can be routed in a loop or to other mixers, and finally to the monitors and computers for capture. The system will also accept input for cameras, legacy tape decks (VHS, Umatic, Beta), which are all available as well.

Various Sony, Panasonic, JVC & Commodore 4:3 CRT Reference Monitors, ranging from 9″ – 18″

Kramer VS-162V 16 x 16 Video Matrix

Video Mixers
Sony FXE-100 – Video Mixer
Edirol V-4 Video Mixer
Videonics MXPro Video Effects
Videonics VE-1A Video Equalizer

Scott Leroux was a unique and creative force during the time he spent making artwork at VP. He had boundless energy and an ability to bring people together around his and others’ acts of expression. Suddenly, and sadly, Scott passed away on October 29, 2016. VP is honoured  to continue his legacy through a fund created by the Leroux family in Scott’s name.

To apply for this job please visit

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