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CreativeMornings | A Vibrant Vision: The Creative Journey of an Indigenous Entrepreneur

May 24 at8:15 am - 10:00 am

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At the heart of every Indigenous entrepreneur’s creative journey lies a profound reverence for their cultural roots and a fierce determination to carve out a path of innovation and empowerment. Michelle Cameron is fueled by a deep sense of heritage and a passion for creativity and as an indigenous entrepreneur, she’s embarking on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and cultural revitalization. Michelle draws inspiration from her ancestors, infusing her products at Dreamcatcher Promotions with meaning and significance that reflect the rich tapestry of Indigenous traditions and stories. Along the way, she faced challenges and obstacles but remains resilient and determined to create a vibrant vision for the future. At her CreativeMornings talk, Michelle will share how her creative journey is a testament to the strength, creativity, and resilience of Indigenous peoples.

Meet our Speaker: Michelle Cameron

My name is Michelle Cameron, I was born and was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With strong pride, I am a treaty status woman, a band member of Peguis First Nation, and a mother of five beautiful children. I am the owner and founder of Dreamcatcher Promotions, INAC and Dreamcatcher Executive Offices.

In 2011, I started my first business Dreamcatcher Embroidery as a home-based business. In 2013, Dreamcatcher Embroidery was changed to Dreamcatcher Promotions to better establish and describe Dreamcatcher Promotions as a business which offered much more services beyond embroidery. We broadened our services’ which included a variety of printed promotional products and apparel for businesses, agencies, and organizations.

The first five years of business were difficult, and we were met with many struggles, and many days were often filled with self-doubt. There were times of financial strain, long hours, self and family sacrifices and feelings of wanting to give up. Thankfully we persevered throughout the hardships and put in the hard work and stayed committed to keep growing and turn into the successful company I knew we could become.

In 2018, Dreamcatcher Promotions was gaining strong brand awareness, and increasing its client base and became well recognized within the Indigenous and non-Indigenous business community.  We launched our Dreamcatcher Promotions website for online ordering and were focused on advertising and promoting our products and services through social media.

To date, Dreamcatcher Promotions continues to be successful.  I continue to be the sole proprietor and manage the day-to-day operations, with 56 staff members. Dreamcatcher Promotions has evolved into becoming the largest Indigenous owned promotional company in Canada and is one of the largest promotional companies in Winnipeg.


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167 Lombard Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0V3 Canada
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