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Mentorship pair Kevela Jag & Annie Bergen are taking part in our 2022/2023 Rural Mentorship Program,
in the discipline of visual art, learning mosaic!

What results do you feel have come from your participation in the Professional Mentorship Program?

“This program has helped motivate me in being more creative and open-minded to learn new things” – Kevela

“This opportunity has resulted in further exploration of mosaic work for me. This is something I’ve been wanting to make more time for, for a long while now! I am also inspired to make mosaics for my living space, like Kevela is doing. I’m excited to be working with Kevela, I think the one-on-one mentorship is a wonderful program that is equally beneficial to the both of us.  I’m glad this opportunity exists for rural artists/youth and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!” – Annie

What is a fun fact about you?

I was homeschooled most of my life” – Kevela
I was born in Paraguay and had a pet monkey as a child” – Annie

What aspect of your work brings you joy?

” I like learning new things and I love even more having someone who loves to share their knowledge with me, someone who doesn’t just see this as a skill but a passion.”Kevela

“I love sharing my creative skills, resources and materials with others. I love teaching youth painting and mosaic methods,  and giving them a positive art experience resulting in a long lasting mural or mosaic for their school or community. This is a valuable experience for everyone to take pride in, and a testimony to the magic that happens while in creative collaboration.” – Annie

Kevela Jag My name is Kevela Jag and I live with my family of six and our many pets. I live in a creative household in the forest. I am currently doing a mosaic project with my Mentor Annie Bergen and I am enjoying the experience very much. I love learning new things and so far this has been my favourite.

Annie Bergen is a muralist and an arts educator/facilitator.  Since she painted her first mural at 17 years of age, she has painted several large-scale murals throughout Manitoba for the private and public realm.   Annie has found her niche working in schools – travelling from school to school throughout Manitoba – working with students throughout the research, design and creation of murals to beautify their schools.  She also loves working in the medium of mosaics; creating functional and aesthetic mixed media mosaic art work for schools and communities.  

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