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New Media Manitoba: The Art of Games

New Media Manitoba’s The Art of Games program had students go through the process of creating 3D environment props for games using a program called Blender – a free to use open source 3D program which has been used on some of your favourite videos games and animated films. Participants were introduce to the interface and core modelling concepts of Blender 2.9x  and created models of their own. Each class was held virtually on Discord and focused on a different aspect of this powerful program and moved step by step through the process. Local figures Tamara Abas, Rebecca Harrison, and Albertine Watson all agreed to join the Discord server for the class and give a 30-45 minute presentation to the students. These presentations were followed by a question-and-answer period where students asked these industry professionals about their career paths and also received feedback on their work. By the end of the course, everyone had at least one model to present in the final class. Many of the students exhibited college-level skills in their modeling and a greater understanding of 3D modeling as a whole.

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