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One Trunk Theatre: Theatre Creation Lab

In One Trunk Theatre’s Creation Lab participants learned how to create theatre from scratch! Facilitated by Gwendolyn Collins and Tanner Manson, with special guest mentors, this was a crash course in theatre creation where participants learned how to collectively create their own original theatrical work. These sessions were held in person. They were introduced to different aspects of theatre that go into the final products you see on stage from lighting, set and costume design to stage managing, production managing, and much more. One Trunk brought in theatre professionals in each of these theatrical disciplines. Highlights of this course included getting tours of most of the major theatres here in Winnipeg and talking to industry professionals from an array of different disciplines in theatre. One of the biggest highlights was seeing how excited and empowered the youth were creating their own original theatre content. Giving them the tools and exercises to do it, the final product was a true collaboration between all of the participants. Due to the pandemic, we were not able to have a live audience at the final presentation share night, so they filmed the final project, that the participants were then able to share with friends, family and their schools.

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