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Mentorship pair Sean Garrity and Ethan Billard Dooley took part in our Professional Mentorship Program with a focus on filmmaking, producing and directing. Sean was in the process of working on his latest film and was able to bring Ethan along and discover what goes into making a film from start to finish. Sean also helped Ethan work on his own film script and process.

How was your experience in the mentorship program? Why do you think this mentorship was valuable to you?

This mentorship has been phenomenal. To get a chance to ask a million questions to a director whose work I admire and see their process has been amazing and incredibly helpful to me as a filmmaker.” – Ethan Billard Dooley

Invaluable programme that recognizes the blind spots of large institutional education, and fills those in with a more traditional, arguably more relevant, one-on-one model.” – Sean Garrity

“I Propose We Never See Each Other Again After Tonight” is the eighth feature from award-winning filmmaker, Sean Garrity. Based in Winnipeg, Garrity has been recognized for jury awards at the Toronto International Film Festival, Brussels, Hot Docs, Vancouver, and Las Vegas as well as numerous audience awards. His work has been selected by festivals including Toronto, Busan, South by SouthWest, Shanghai, Mannheim, Torino, Singapore, Melbourne, Mar del Plata, Taipei, Santa Barbara and Sao Paulo. The films have been translated into 15 languages, the subject of numerous remakes, and they have been distributed and broadcast around the world.

Ethan Billard Dooley began to make films over a decade ago, making parodies for history class and reenactments for english. Nowadays, it is his dream to be a feature film director. He was born and raised in Winnipeg, and is a recent graduate from the U of W filmmaking program. He has been involved with many small-budget short films productions here in Manitoba, in various positions beyond just directing. One of his most recent films “August Long” was nominated for multiple awards at the 2021 U of W film festival, including best screenplay.

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