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Professional Mentorship Program MENTOR Form

This form is to be filled out by the mentor, and submitted separately from the mentee’s application form. For an application to be complete and considered this form must be submitted along with the mentee and nominator form.

  • Demographics

  • Please select your primary creative discipline for this mentorship proposal.
  • Please indicate your primary Creative Discipline if not covered in the above list.
  • Creative Manitoba is seeking to offer meaningful programming and opportunities to equity-seeking groups, which includes members of visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, members of sexual minorities, as well as Immigrants and Newcomers to Canada. Please check the equity-seeking groups with which you identify from the list below (check all that apply). Creative Manitoba pledges to make best efforts to hold 50% of program space for participants identifying as IBPoC or from equity-seeking groups.
  • Mentee Information

  • Have you worked with this mentee before? What makes it feel like you would be a good fit to work together? (Max 150 words)
  • List the mentee you are applying to the program with. They must also submit their form for your application to be complete and considered.
  • Mentorship

  • Please provide some background on your professional artistic career, and why you wish to be a mentor. What value you can bring to this mentee through this program? Include any previous mentoring you have done. (Max 150 words)
  • What types of activities or projects has your mentee described in their proposal to you, and how will you undertake assisting them with these, and fulfill the one on one time commitment for the program? Add any plan details that the two of you have discussed or plan to discuss, including specific communications and/or timeline. (Max 250 words)
  • Please list ideas you have that could help support your mentee in their independent work. This could be providing ideas to support growth (reading, exercises, assistance with their projects), people you can connect them to, things you could invite them to join you for. (Max 200 words)
  • If there is anything you feel was not covered in this application that would be helpful for us to know, please include here. (Max 100 words)
  • I have read, understand and am committed to all program commitments over this 7-month period as listed on the program commitments document. I have spoken to my mentee and they have submitted their application (I understand both forms are required for this application to be considered).
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