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Rural Mentorship Program pair Kelly Klick and Atlas Lister in the studio working on a clay sculpture.

“My art is all over the place. I like to create semi-realistic work. I get inspired by historic or religious artwork done by the masters.”

“I am a visual artist who loves to involve others in the arts. As the president of Pinawa Art 211, I find myself busy organizing classes, supporting other artists, picking up clay, communicating with other organizations and spending time in my studio. Mentoring Atlas has been a wonderful experience that has led my creativity in a fresh direction.” – Kelly

“I’d say a couple of years.” – Atlas

“I’m an older woman but a newly practicing artist. I consider myself still an emerging artist as I started art when I retired in 2020.” 
– Kelly

“We have been discussing post-secondary schooling and how art might fit in as either a profession or a major side hustle. We looked into a few art schools and how to build up a portfolio. I worked on a couple of sculptures, a creepy ‘before’ head, a torso and an ‘after’ head. But my ‘after’ head hit the floor and could not be saved! So tragic! If I ever become an evil villain that will be my origin story! I am also working on an oil painting.” – Atlas

“Atlas and I have been talking about art as a profession. We have been talking about all things clay. We have been discussing the body and its anatomy, physiology, emotions and how to capture in 2D or 3D.” – Kelly

“Getting to socialize with other artists and inspecting their work. I get to see different perspectives. Artists are all about diversity.” – Atlas

“Working with others is where I get my energy. However, seeing something flow from vision to completion also brings joy.” – Kelly

“Definitely that she has more experience than me and that we can talk about different subjects and I get her viewpoint.” – Atlas

Kelly Klick with sculpture

Kelly Klick can be reached at her website or at her Instagram profile.

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