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Mentorship pair Lara Schroeder & Débora Cardaci took part in our 2022/2023 Rural Mentorship Program,
in the discipline of visual art, working with molds, oil painting and charcoal.

What results do you feel came from your participation in the Professional Mentorship Program?

“The biggest thing I’m taking away from this program is that there are a lot less rules to art than I thought there were, that you can do whatever you need to do to achieve the results you’re aiming for. I’ve also learned a lot about my interests, not just about the type of art I create but also just stuff that came up in conversations with my mentor. I’ve discovered a lot of possibilities for my future, things I want to do, places I want to see, that I didn’t know about before or I didn’t know were options. I’m definitely taking away a lot from these lessons and I’m grateful for everything my mentor taught me. ” – Lara

“As I live in rural MB I am pleased that Creative MB offers young and upcoming artists the opportunity to work with a professional like myself.   Going to Winnipeg to teach would seriously curtail my studio time so this teaching opportunity was great. ” – Débora

What type of work do you create?

“I create both two and three-dimensional works of art – paintings, drawings, life-size bronze sculptures, jewellery – all inspire me.” – Débora

What aspect of your work brings you joy?

” I like starting out with something and not thinking it’s going to look good but then seeing it get better and better along the way and hardly even knowing how it got there. I almost love being an amateur because of that; each one of the pieces are so unique because it almost happens by accident and I literally can’t repeat them. That being said, I also love learning how to repeat and improve techniques and apply them to other pieces of art. – Lara

“Creating beauty in this world brings me the most joy – it is in the process that the magic appears.” – Débora

Lara Schroeder My name is Lara Schroeder, I’m 17 and in grade 11. I’m from Manitoba, I’ve moved around a bit but I’ve lived in Sundown, Stuartburn for the last 6 or 7 years. I do mostly sketching with pencil or charcoal on my own time. I’ve been doing some art for a while, like most kids, but I started noticing I enjoyed it a lot probably in grade 8 or 9 and I’ve been doing more and more over the years since then, and experimenting with different mediums and styles.   

Débora Cardaci  If the power and excellence of the classical artists move you, then you will be inextricably drawn to the work of Débora Cardaci. Her skill of classical techniques is stunning – forged from a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts P. Pueyrredon, Buenos Aires, where she went on to become a professor – to studying in Italy, Spain, and France – to plumbing the depths of art galleries and museums throughout Europe and Russia. Although sculpture is her first love, as witnessed by some of her larger works gracing parks in South America, her paintings and drawings are equally sought after and hang all over the world

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